BBC commissions Pooch Perfect

Impressive sale for Seven Studios with dog contest heading to the UK with local host Sheridan Smith.

Seven Studios has sold Pooch Perfect to BBC.

BBC One has commissioned the dog contest with actress Sheridan Smith (Cilla, Mrs. Biggs, Cleaning Up) as host.

Seven Studios UK will produce the show, with Damon Pattison as Executive Producer.

The reality contest features ten pairs of professional dog stylists competing to be crowned the nation’s Top Dog Stylist. The format was created by Seven Studios UK Head of Development, Nikki Pinkus, Creative Director, Damon Pattison and Sonya Wilkes, Co-Head of Unscripted for Seven Studios Australia.

Seven Studios CEO Therese Hegarty, said: “We are thrilled with BBC One’s commission of Pooch Perfect, particularly as the original idea for the show came from our hugely talented UK team. Pooch Perfect is a fantastic new addition to our strong slate of internationally successful formats and programs.”

Sheridan Smith said, “To combine my love of dogs with a brand-new job presenting for the BBC was a match made in heaven! Everyone who knows me will understand that animals, and especially dogs are very special to me. I live at home with 6 dogs, so presenting a show dedicated to our four-legged best friends didn’t take much consideration! I’m used to being on set with lots of actors… this time I can’t wait to hang out all day with dozens of dogs…for me it is literally the dream job!”

Kate Phillips, Controller of BBC Entertainment, said: “I love this show, it celebrates so much creativity culminating in unforgettable transformations, always mindful of the fact one false snip could cost someone the competition!”

Current Seven Studios projects include Back To The Rafters for Amazon Prime, and as a co-producer of Around The World in 80 Days with David Tennant.

Pooch Perfect continues on Seven at 7.30pm Thursdays.

12 Responses

  1. Im Not sure the ratings reflect the show

    Seven is i. The toilet now – any reality they touch had a stench about it

    And Thursdays screams B- less premium type programming.

    Sunday’s or Monday’s at 7.30 , 18 months ago – this show would
    Be doing double

  2. And yet Seven Studios Aust, UK and USA divisions is what Seven are looking to sell off, really should rethink that as there also streaming services they could make shows for. Which of course they are with Back to the Rafters for Amazon Prime and did for Foxtel with A Place to Call Home, just seems like they’re looking to unload what could be a real asset.

  3. Glad they got that sale away before the second week’s ratings dropped like a lead balloon …how embarrassent.
    Funny how Seven triumphs this as such a triumph when the reality is it’s a dog of a show. Really we need a Hitler Downfall parody concerning Seven’s programming department and truth versus the BS spin they put out .

      1. Gaz I have watched the first episode …and yes it was meant to be a blockbuster to go up against MAFS and Survivor – sevens programming chief said as much …and do you reckon Seven would have given over a massive slice of their promo time unless they thought was was going to be a blockbuster ?
        It was a blockbuster that did not deliver pure and simple .

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