Bonnie Anderson sings Neighbours theme

Neighbours this week updated its opening credits with Georgie Stone (Mackenzie) included and the theme sung by Bonnie Anderson.

“It was an honour to be asked to do this, honestly I got quite emotional. I get a bit nervous singing this song because it’s been around for 35 years,” Anderson said.

“I know there are so many fans out there, so I hope to do you proud and that my version grows on you. I am very grateful for this opportunity.”

From the classic version recorded by Barry Crocker 35 years ago to Melbourne producer, Dariush Etemad’s Mardi Gras remix in 2019, the theme has seen many make-overs and now it’s time for Bonnie to make her mark.

Joining the Neighbours cast in 2018, Bonnie’s character, Bea Nillson has quickly become a fan favourite. On screen her musical talents have made their way to Erinsborough and now she’ll join the honour roll of performers chosen to put their twist on our favourite television tune.


    • This theme tune is awful. Don’t understand how she won Australia’s Got Talent. I always fast forward when she sings on the show.

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