Who will die on Neighbours?

Get out the tissues for Thursday's soapie tragedy....

Neighbours fans are in for a traumatic time this week when a favourite character will depart in tragic circumstances.

The episode is set to play at 4pm Thursday on 10.

Here are key synopses:


After a day together, Chelsea’s date with Paul is interrupted by a work emergency, leading to frustration. She later makes a bold move, surprising Paul in a hotel room.

Meanwhile, David, Aaron, Nicolette, Leo, and Krista enjoy a beach house getaway, unaware of an uninvited guest.

Nicolette faces a tense encounter and Leo and Krista’s walk is disrupted by the unexpected appearance of Eden, who threatens to reveal a shocking secret.


Ramsay St. residents have found themselves left in a challenging situation, prompting loved ones to make important decisions.

The day’s events have a profound impact on the Erinsborough community, leaving everyone in shock and changing the lives of our Neighbours forever.


In the aftermath of a heart-wrenching tragedy on Ramsay Street, those left behind grapple with the heavy burden of grief and the lingering shadows of resentment.

Some try to mend old wounds and others offer support to those around them.

Police interviews lead the team to raise suspicions, resulting in another tense encounter in Erinsborough.