Neighbours 9000th episode

Another milestone is quietly chalked up today.

Neighbours airs its 9,000th episode today.

The episode sees Aaron Brennan set out to give Paul’s new girlfriend Chelsea Murphy some home truths about what he’s capable of.

Aaron is irritated when Chelsea asks if Paul can spend some time with his young granddaughter Isla.

The barman is grieving the loss of his husband David Tanaka and is struggling to forgive Paul for his inadvertent role in causing the tragedy.

After refusing Chelsea’s request, Aaron becomes concerned over how quickly she has immersed herself into Paul’s world.

Fearful that it won’t end well for Chelsea, Aaron steps in and tries to warn her about what she’s taking on.

Aaron takes Chelsea on a ‘Paul Robinson Greatest Hits’ tour, sharing all the shocking details of his dastardly past.

With Chelsea focused on her own secret agenda, will she really be put off from Paul so easily?

4pm Monday, March 4 on 10.

Source: Digital Spy

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  1. I’m so glad this show came back! Congrats on 9000 episodes. As for Chelsea, I have a few theories about her. I’m enjoying not liking her. So, the actress is doing a great job!

  2. Gee, seems like their 6000th over 13 years ago in late 2010 (‘Who Pushed Paul?’) in its final months on Ten’s main channel (a year they still had AFL and the biggest show of all time MasterChef S2)… Was just yesterday. Time slow down! And TVT website dates back 3.5 years before that, Knoxy must feel old sometimes eh.

  3. Chelsea is the weakest link in this story & it can’t come soon enough that she is run out of town. Maybe a stronger actress could have given the character some light & shade & worthy of being redeemed.

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