Neighbours: update

New times next week due to Melbourne Cup coverage.

heads up Neighbours fans, next week’s first run episodes are screening ot different times / days due to coverage of the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

On 10:

4pm Monday November 6
3:30pm Wednesday November 8
3pm and 3:30pm Friday November 10

The 10 Peach screenings will remain 6:30pm Mon – Thurs (which leaves two of them as premieres).

5 Responses

    1. For the viewership/advertising bucks that the Melbourne Cup will attract over Neighbours, it’s Neighbours that ought to be shafted to a multichannel.

      In any case, this is so typically shortsighted of 10. Already the timeslot’s been shuffled around twice, as if the ratings weren’t bad enough already.

      And I suspect that the next series finale won’t be quite the extravagant affair that the last one was.

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