Neighbours flashback week

"It justifies all the storylines that are going on at the moment," says Stefan Dennis.

Next month Neighbours has a special “Flashback Week” which will fill in the gaps for viewers around the two year time leap, and explain a lot of unanswered questions.

“In hindsight, it would have been very silly for them to just try and pick up where we left off,” Stefan Dennis told TV Tonight. “It’s very smart of them to go the two years ahead. So what’s great is they’ve gone the two years ahead, but we’re also flashing back as well.

“That’s what makes it more interesting. Rather than just ‘okay, we’ve done a two year jump forward.’

“It justifies all the storylines that are going on at the moment.”

4pm Monday, November 13 on 10
The residents of Ramsay Street are challenged when long held secrets come to the surface.

4pm Tuesday, November 14
The revelations continue when an unassuming resident of Ramsay Street steps forward to confess their part in the troubling secrets of the past.

4pm Wednesday, November 15
As the web of secrets continues to unravel, surprising new players enter the fold.

4pm Thursday, November 16
The past catches up to the future as tensions and secrets come to a head.

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  1. This show is still over diversifying without warmth, reality and decent storylines. The 80’s OG characters are great to see but even their storylines are boring. Such a shame I used to like this show in the early days.
    Also, its time for The Kennedy’s and Toadie to leave and bring in some new down to earth characters. Home and Away do it so much better, which is why they rate 10 x more than Neighbour’s does now, does anybody else see this, does 10 see it. It could be a great show again if it had the right people making it.

    1. To be fair, 10 x times might be a push, but you’re comparing a show on a stronger network with a 7pm start and 800k lead in to a weaker network, 4pm timeslot and 50k lead in

  2. I can’t wait to see what’s happened leading up till now. I’m really enjoying the new and old character mix on the show. I’m a longtime viewer and I love that the show is back. Great work everyone!

  3. Well they kept those descriptions vague. This was probably needed week 2 on 3 really. People already seem as disinterested in Neighbours as they were before it was axed.

    1. I guess they wanted to settle in the jump to the new present, exposition a new family and Reese, and use Guy Pearce while he was available. The flashbacks were obviously going to come, too lateto keep an audience on Ten, but it’s Channel 5 and Freevee that matter.

  4. Why don’t 10 play proper ads for Neighbours? Since it started I didn’t see anything outside of the generic 5 second “Neighbours on 4:00 and 6:30” ads. Years ago they used to play ads for upcoming storylines and stuff.

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