Bumped: Neighbours, The Bold & the Beautiful.

Ramsay Street residents are on the move as The Bold & the Beautiful is reinstated to 4:30pm.

10 is moving Neighbours to a new timeslot as of next week.

From Monday the soap will screen at 4pm Monday – Thursday (with a 6:30pm replay remaining on 10 Peach).

The Bold & The Beautiful will return to 4.30pm Monday – Friday.

The move comes three weeks after the show’s revival by 10 in a deal with Amazon Freevee internationally.

On Monday (a public holiday in several states) Neighbours drew 99,000 metro viewers at 4:30pm, 10,000 lower than The Bold & the Beautiful at 4pm. A 10 Peach replay drew 31,000.

Yesterday it was 76,000 trailing B&B‘s 106,000. A replay again drew 31,000.

A 10 spokesperson said, “We have listened to the demand from our loyal viewers to return The Bold & Beautiful to its original time slot.”

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  1. Why would Channel Ten ever move 4:30 Bold. They have no programming idea whatsoever. Never have and never will. You may as well move the 5pm news next. Always third always will be. Australia is too small for 3 commercial Networks. We should just have 7 & 9.

    1. Because after the ratings for the final of Neighbours they hoped that it’s resurrection would rate better than a US soap full of pensioners and boost their News. Though neither of the shows is going to rate more 100k, and idea that BB being on at 4pm instead of 4:30pm is significant is crazy.

  2. It is a sad circumstance that many more Australian’s would rather watch a US soap where the characters have pretty much the same conversation for weeks on end before there’s a climax, over an Aussie show where things actually happen in most episodes. I’m sticking with neighbours but I can see it’s been a big ask for viewers old and new. The twist at the end of the return episode, while fantastic in a soap shocker sense, has left us feeling uncomfortable. Viewing characters as a couple, who in the actors words are more like brother and sister is a big ask for long time viewers. Then there’s the casting. Some + & -. Having Misha Barton in the show does not elevate it, quite the opposite. Her face does not seem to move. The re-casting of Byron just makes me cry. I always imagine how hot the other guy would’ve been in the scene. But I love the casting of Toadies aged kids. Wonderful young actors. I also like the Murphy boy, and am enjoying his storyline.

  3. Neighbours is still the best Aussie Soap Opera on TV it does not matter about the standard of actors I love the show – All Americans Soaps I think are melodramatic rubbish that is my opinion

  4. David, out of interest how are total 7 day tv numbers for neighbours – be interesting to see how many catch up on ten play within the week (vs waiting for Amazon a week later)

  5. The headline regarding this at the Daily Mail is utterly brutal. Even though the shows performance on 10 wouldny affect Amazon keeping it in production the execs there can’t be pleased with these headlines.

  6. Ten moved Neighbours to 11, which lost over half the audience, so they could slash their payments. It’s ratings on Peach continued to slide and were around 140k when Channel 5 dropped it and Ten wouldn’t fund it. The final episodes rated well, but that was the nostalgia of fans of the early Channel 10 episodes in the 80s. Clearly there is little interest in it now from the kids and retirees who watch TV at 4:30pm in the afternoon, and it’s providing no lead in to Ten’s low rating 5pm News. The total audience is about the same now but split over three airings. BB is only rating 30,000 better at 4pm, and won’t do much more than that at 4:30pm. Ten’s plan for afternoons next year is a quiz show. The future of Neighbours depends on how well it generates Amazon Prime subsciptions in the US and UK by being on Freevee.

  7. TV Tonight often highlights local film makers championing Aussie productions (and seeking government funding) on the basis that the Australian public wants to watch “our stories”.
    It turns out we’d rather watch B&B which is filmed in LA where none of the characters sound or act remotely Australian!
    Sad. But the reality.

    1. Yes but we’re looking at the move being linear viewing habits. Each episode of Neighbours is repeated 3 times on FTA and has online views. So it’s viewers are more fragmented than when it had a main showing on 10Peach with 1 encore at weekends.

  8. I see the Herald Sun have run an article tonight, I hope they credited TVT! (Paywalled). Though, understand it might not be exclusive if evidenced in a programming release/update, as did notice MS (MediaSpy) users and staff also discussed/confirmed, as did TVB (TV Blackbox). Also, on a separate note replying to Knoxy’s point about flow on/lead-ins, surely much of (e.g.) 6pm is people who only tune-in say 5:45pm after arriving home from work? To suggest prime time is built from Project, from news, from B&B, from Neighbours is ridiculous, I’m sure a deep dive into the data would confirm the unique viewers and reach are all totally different, certainly the latter two, yes 5pm news and more so Project would affect 7:30pm (a bit), but not 4pm!

  9. Its pretty clear without Amazon, this show would never have made it back. 10 don’t care about this show and haven’t for a while now, that part is clear.

  10. Surely you lead the hour with your bigger rated show to feed into the similar show that follows. Neighbours ratings are only going to get worse at 4pm, and Bold’s likely not get boosted too much considering the audience looks to have followed it to 4pm, so overall this move will likely see the 4pm hour rate worse.

  11. A new 4.30pm airing (4.00pm from next week), and repeated at 6.30pm on 10Peach, 9.30am the following morning on 10, and a four-episode “marathon” on 10Peach on Saturdays from 9am, as well as on Amazon Freevee a few days later.

    Too many options for the fans of Neighbours, and perhaps why the numbers are even lower than what it was getting last year prior to the shows axing? Sometimes, less is more?

  12. They need to bump The Project, to late night, shorten the news to one hour, if Deal Or No Deal returns, have that at 6, followed by Neighbours at 6:30, on 10. Move the repeat on Peach to 8:30 or later.

  13. The Bold has a strong following in the 4.30 timeslot and has done for years. Glad commonsence has prevailed. Can’t take to the new Neighbours. Don’t think it will see the distance.

      1. You very rarely get streaming services talking about viewing figures on anything; and indeed there’s an argument about how they’re counted so I wouldn’t read too much into the lack of comment, particularly after only three weeks. They will have expected a spike for the first few episodes but will then want to see how many regular viewers it gets; the difficulty is measuring because you can watch at any time – one viewer commented that her four person household watched it three times depending on work shifts.

        1. Amazon have issued press releases in the past after successful launches. They did for Jury Duty at the beginning of the year which airs on Amazon Freevee in UK and US.

    1. Watch it on Peach at 6:30. Even if TEN (not just 10) doesn’t air it it will continue as it’s funded by overseas where, apparently, it’s going great guns.

  14. As much as I don’t watch B&B, I think it’s a good decision to return this to 4:30 timeslot. But Neighbours airing at 4pm is too early. Many people will be at work, or commuting home and therefore they will miss out the show on 10.

    1. But these people have the option to watch at 6.30 on 10Peach and they are choosing not to do that either. As stated above it is only getting a low 31 000 on Peach.

      1. Ratings were low last year, too. Wasn’t it averaging in the 90k range on Peach each evening? If so, it seems to have retained the bulk of its former audience (maybe David has access to ratings figures for “Neighbours” when it only aired at 6:30pm on 10 Peach and can provide some context). Messing with “Bold” was always going to be difficult. 10 might be hoping that those who are watching “Neighbours” at 4:30pm will stick with it at 4pm and then they’ll have a decent overall figure for the 4-5pm slot. It’s not as though there was a massive difference between the two figures – if it were 30K versus 100K, then there would be an issue and the arrangement would be abandoned. The fact the 10 are airing “Neighbours” on their primary channel is a surprise in itself.

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