Doctor Doctor: update

Doctor Doctor is out of schedule tonight as Nine adds another Nine News: COVID-19 special at 9pm.

So far those specials have been winning their timeslot, although some readers are expressing concerns for escapist content too.

The episode will now screen next Wednesday.

New Amsterdam will screen from 9:45pm, previously 10pm in Sydney & Brisbane, and Footy Classified in Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth.

There are also changes to Thursday.

In an effort to keep you reliably and accurately informed of the very latest developments, 9News is ramping up its output across the country.

Tonight, tomorrow and Friday, we will continue to broadcast an additional late-night edition of 9News, dedicated to covering the Covid-19 pandemic. In Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, the special broadcast will air at 9.00pm tonight and 8.30pm on Thursday and Friday. In NSW and Queensland, it will air at 9.00pm tonight and 10.45pm on Thursday and Friday.

And in addition to our regular weeknight bulletins of A Current Affair, this Saturday at 7.00pm we will present a special weekend edition.

Further updates to our news schedule will be announced as they are made.


  1. Come on, Channel 9! I’m sure people have enough news bulletins and updates without having to rehash the 6pm News at 9pm for an other hour! Bring back the usual programs and give us a break from all the Corona Virus gloom and doom! Over it!!!

  2. clem_official

    I was looking to watch Paramedics last night but instead Nine News corona virus was on, they should be looking at presenting these specials on 7plus and 9now so that people can enjoy some non news programs.

  3. I agree in the era of social isolation and social distancing, where is the opportunity to escape.
    I am trying to get brief updates and enjoy my life and avoid the over saturation of news!

    • harrypotter1994

      Nine already have five news programs daily with extensive Covid-19 coverage. Don’t see what new information they will have for a 9pm bulletin after the 6pm bulletin anyway. Will all be rehashed.

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