Friday Flashback: Romper Room

We need a little cheering up….

This week Today Extra chatted with Helena Bailey, known as “Miss Helena” on Seven’s Romper Room.

Click here to watch video.

“Miss Helena” was one of several hosts on the kids’ show which actually ran on Seven from 1963 – 1988.

Others included Miss Susan (Susan Jamieson), Miss Patricia (Patricia Godfrey-Cash), Miss Colleen, Miss Nancy, and Miss Megan (Megan Sjoquist).

There were also several local editions on NBN Newcastle, SAS-10 Adelaide, and ATV-0 Melbourne.


  1. On one occasion when I was floor-managing the SAS10 Adelaide edition, I forgot to turn over the cue card with the names for the magic mirror. It was only when Michele started calling the names of the crew that I realised and flipped it!!!

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