Gogglebox brings light relief

News continues to dominate viewing, but then viewers wanted light relief.

Seven News was #1 with 1.25m / 1.18m ahead of Nine News 1.14m / 1.13m.

ABC News (937,000) outranked A Current Affair (786,000) and The Latest (636,000).

Gogglebox was the top entertainment drawcard and topped the demos at 736,000, eclipsing a Nine News special (599,000).

Earlier 7:30 led its slot at 789,000 ahead of Ambulance Australia (646,000) and RBT (545,000).

Nine network won Thursday with 27.1% then Seven 23.4%, 10 21.8%, ABC 18.5% and SBS 9.2%.

Hot Seat was 536,000 / 339,000 for Nine, and Psychopath with Piers Morgan was 306,000.

The Chase drew 626,000 / 399,000 for Seven then Pooch Perfect (359,000).

The Project  was 636,000 / 399,000 for 10 then 10 News First 527,000 / 315,000. A Hughesy repeat pulled 269,000.

Sammy J (443,000), Grand Designs Australia  (343,000), The Heights (253,000), The Drum (250,000) and RBG (169,000) also comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was The Kennedys (237,000), Secrets of Britain (203,000), and SBS World News (189,000). Mastermind drew 99,000 and 24 Hours in Emergency was too real at 79,000.

NCIS topped multichannels with 202,000.

The Morning Show: 234,000 / 150,000
Today Extra: 158,000 / 96,000
Studio 10: 73,000 / 63,000 /

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 26 March 2020


    • I saw your episode Steve. You did well. Of all the male Chasers, Brydon “The Shark” Coverdale is the most astute of the lot. Is it hard to become a contestant on the show?

    • I only caught a few minutes of Fridays ep, thought it may have been a repeat ? I only saw one contestant, a very good looking fair haired guy ?

  1. Interesting to see where the ratings go on Friday and Saturday since every evening for Australians is the same now in shutdown (as in everyone is housebound). Now would be a good time to refresh your Friday and Saturday nights FTA for a few weeks….. Can I put in a request to TEN to get the rights back to show Thank God Your Here? please?

      • Absolutely repeats, but something different to factual encores and the same movie reruns.
        Some hilarity on a Saturday night is perfect now, open the wine, sit back and laugh 🙂

          • Well this is TV Tonight, where we come to talk about TV. And since you aren’t allowed to invite me around to yours, the alone people in isolation might want that laugh on a Saturday

    • I’m assuming you mean repeats of Thank God You’re Here. Or Ten could get the rights to a wider range of stand up comedy shows rather than just repeating the same ones over and over again as they do now. That would benefit comedians too. For example I’ve seen Kitty Flanagans 2014 show on TV three times but I’d love to see some of her other shows. I do understand why comedians would normally be reluctant to release their shows for broadcast but nothing is normal anymore.

      • I got an email from 7plus telling me what we could watch including A Country Practice ? and Headland which never finished airing whenever it was broadcast more than 10-15 years ago! I had a giggle ?

          • That’s very true, but I’d reckon the joke answers, the interactions between contestants and from Tommy G are what makes the show the joy it is, so it would stand up to repeated viewings despite the dated news therein. They could just put up a little note “originally aired dd/mm/yyyy” or something.

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