1. David can I ask why it us ok for you to aggregate News Breakfast ratings from 2 channels but not when someone like 10 did it with Family Feud. Your negativity against Today is worse than News Ltd since 9 bought Fairfax.

    • Sure, I don’t mind you asking the question if you care to wait for the answer. FF did not offer separate multichannel figures, and I would suggest roadblocking is a trick to prevent media reporting the true primary channel figures. ABC demonstrates it can be done, so I’m happy to file both. FYI I have at various stages avoided similar roadblock numbers for 7, 9 and 10. As for negativity to Today what articles aside from ratings are you referring to? As a media commentator I don’t apologise for reporting ratings performance. I also did not file on Karl’s marital saga for about 2 years because it wasn’t work-related. Over to you…

  2. Goes to show Today needs to take some risks or re-invent the content and formula.

    Sunrise is a great show.
    Breakfast is a very different good show

    However. Today is just a weaker version of Sunrise

  3. News Breakfast is great. And I like it much better without all those incessant commercial breaks. Has anyone else noticed how many ads are shown between 6am and 7am on Sunrise? It’s like way more than supposed to be every single morning.

    • yep the amount of ad breaks is ridiculous, around once every 6 mins. Of course people are turning to ad free ABC, but i wonder whats taken them so long since its been like that for years now…

  4. daveinprogress

    Vindicates my theory that people turn to reliable sources in times of crisis or big news stories. That and Lisa and Michael have developed a great chemistry. Lisa is more and more showing herself to be a warm and intelligent presence on screen. Good for them!

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