News tussle on Wednesday

News continues to dominate early viewing.

Seven News was #1 with 1.28m / 1.24m barely beating Nine News 1.27m / 1.22m -the latter was its highest weeknight bulletin since 2015.

ABC News (1.00m) won over A Current Affair (940,000 a 2020 high) and The Latest (603,000).

Married at First Sight led its slot at 1.21m ahead of 7:30 (888,000), Hard Quiz (809,000), Bondi Rescue (452,000 / 408,000) and Highway Patrol (422,000).

Later a Nine News special drew 803,000 and Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell was 757,000 and You Can’t Ask That at 478,000.

Nine networks won Wednesday with 32.5% then Seven 23.3%, ABC 20.7%, 10 15.7% and SBS 7.9%.

Meanwhile Hot Seat drew 638,000 / 428,000 Footy Classified was 158,000 in 3 cities on Nine. New Amsterdam was 115,000 in 2 cities.

The Chase was 658,000 / 427,000 for Seven. The Front Bar pulled 311,000 and First Dates (219,000).

Elsewhere were Adam Hills: The Last Leg (263,000) and The Drum (250,000) for ABC.

The Project was also high (602,000 / 384,000) for 10. 10 News First (451,000 / 299,000) Bull (244,000 / 189,000) followed.

On SBS it was Tony Robinson’s History Of Britain (246,000), SBS World News (193,000), Dublin Murders (169,000), Mastermind (97,000) Project Blue Book (75,000).

NCIS topped multichannels at 209,000.

Sunrise: 351,000
News Breakfast: 172,000 / 108,000
Today: 276,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 25 March 2020


  1. I tried watching the new Bondi Rescue on TENplay and I have to wonder whether I got the right episode. It is a very confusing site. The episode began with a 54 year old man having a heart attack. No introducing the cast, no contextualising and showing the public what the Bondi Beach area looks like, just bang! Someone having a heart attack on the beach. Was that the episode shown last night?

  2. Tipping Point is my work from home guilty pleasure. Love it – so addictive!
    On the news front, those national figures are flattering seven thanks to Adelaide and Perth.

    • Stumbled upon Tipping Point and within an episode was hooked. Mainly because the arcade game that it is based on is just as addictive. The trivia part is good.

  3. It would be nice if dramas could be reinstated for those that are not watching news. Two weeks in a row Doctor Doctor was out.
    Honestly how much news can people watch, it is quite depressing.
    Thank goodness for (Life with no news updates and back to back lifestyle (except for the hideous body torture night)

  4. A group of friends and I watched Hot Seat last night and in a Facebook group chat we played along isolated at home guessing the answers in real time. Was heaps of fun and we’ll probably do it again tonight 🙂 Lot’s of hilarious chats about the contestants boring stories in between questions LOL

  5. Interesting that Nine News is gaining ground when typically Seven News increases its lead at these times, as I recall happened earlier this year during the bushfires.

  6. OK so a vast majority of shows are getting good ratings and ” a 2020 high”. Who would have thought that given the number of extra eyes at home. Will be interesting to see if this continues down the track….me don’t think so.

    • Yes you’re right. More and more people out of work and people self-isolating ( as we should all be doing) results in more eyes on the telly.

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