Richard Wilkins tests positive for COVID-19

"Richard is not showing any symptoms of the virus and has been self-isolating," says Nine.

Nine Entertainment Editor has been diagnosed with COVID-19, but is not displaying any symptoms.

“Richard Wilkins has tested positive to COVID-19. Richard is not showing any symptoms of the virus and has been self-isolating, on his own at home, since Thursday last week. Since he is still without symptoms the authorities advise that he has not knowingly put others at risk, although anyone he has been in contact with prior to Thursday afternoon has been notified and will be tested if they show any symptoms of the virus,” a Nine statement said.

“Of the others at Nine who have been tested, four people, including David Campbell and Belinda Russell have tested ‘not detected’ and another is still awaiting the results.

“Our primary focus is for the well-being of our people and ensuring we continue to provide the Australian community with timely, measured information regarding the most up to date information we have from authorities. We want to assure everyone that Richard is feeling well and still without symptoms.”

Wilkins, 65, met Rita Wilson backstage at the Sydney Opera House briefly last weekend, and obliged for a quick selfie, but maintains that the interaction was brief. They also met again at Nine’s Willoughby studios last Monday.

Christian Wilkins, competing on Dancing with the Stars, was not aware of his father’s diagnosis  until after the episode wrapped.

Although he does not believe he has been exposed, he has self-isolated and will be tested first thing on Monday morning.

A Network 10 spokesperson said: “A number of precautions had already been put in place for Sunday’s show to minimise any potential exposure or spread of the virus including promoting good hygiene practices backstage and in-studio, and filming without a studio audience.  

“All Dancing With The Stars cast and crew have been asked to self-monitor for symptoms relating to COVID-19 while we await the results of Christian’s test. Warner Bros. and Network 10 will provide all cast and crew the appropriate accommodation and support during this time.”

Meanwhile Today‘s weather man Tim Davies is returning from overseas and has said he will self-isolate as directed by new govt. requirements.

This post updates.

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  1. No question that Christian Wilkins will have to pull out of DWTS.
    This goes to show why the cabinet including Scott Morrison should have gone into isolation or been tested at the very least.

    1. I’ve yet to see an explanation of why the PM and cabinet should ignore the advice of the Chief, and Deputy Chief, Medical officer on that one. Or why we should follow the advice of one medico over another – seems lots of journos putting up various medicos with differing opinions.

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