Seven backs Olympics decision

"Health & safety... is paramount." Seven is disappointed but supportive of decision by IOC.

Seven West Media has backed a decision taken by the International Olympic Committee to postpone the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics until 2021.

Seven West Media Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, James Warburton said: “While we are just as disappointed as anyone with the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, the health and safety of the athletes, officials and spectators is paramount, which is why we absolutely support the decision taken by the IOC.”

SWM indicated it is committed to working with their partners and supporters in light of the decision.

Kurt Burnette, SWM Chief Revenue Officer, said: “We’re disappointed to no longer be able to offer our partners the incredible platform that Tokyo 2020 could provide.

“Our partners are just as disappointed as us, but completely support that the health and safety of the global community comes first. We’re already working together to explore all options and to help support them in reaching their key audiences now, when messaging is more important than ever.”

It isn’t clear if broadcasters will be offered any refund or compensation by the IOC, but SWM will continue to provide updates.

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  1. IOC have made the only right decision in regards to postponing the Olympics! They cannot run it in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic!

    Excited to watch the Olympics play out in 2021!

    1. dont think its completely out of the question, it would depend on the fineprint of the contract. but technically the IOC are not going to deliver their goods in the form that they were purchased under.

      1. The contracts are with the Host City, not the IOC and they pretty much say that the Host City has to deliver a Games “at least to the standard of the previous Games”, so as long as they do that it doesn’t really matter that it’s a year down the track. The immediate problem is that the IBC is in a rented exhibition centre which is booked for other gigs later in the year and OBS and many of the bigger broadcasters have already installed infrastructure. Not sure how they’re gonna figure that one out …

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