Update: War of the Worlds, The Good Fight, Fargo.

SBS has yanked both War of the Worlds, The Good Fight and Fargo from their schedule.

All were due to screen in April as part of a big play in international drama.

Fargo and The Good Fight are likely impacted by delivery from the USA however War of the Worlds screened late last year internationally.

There are no dates as yet.

From their previous announcement two new shows remain:

Party of Five 8:30pm Friday April 10 on SBS VICELAND (full season drop at SBS on Demand)
Reprisal 9:20pm Tuesday 21 April on SBS VICELAND (full season drop at SBS on Demand)


  1. That’s disappointing. The Good Fight dropped their first season 4 trailer today and CBS All Access is still advertising a 9 April start date.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    Apparently NBN has had issue with so many being home and so much demand …
    I think everyone needs to get a grip….nothing is going to be normal this year….

  3. Sky’s ‘War of the Worlds’ should be released if it is available, no excuses for the NBN, especially now when movies and shows are being released early for those self isolated with little to do.
    Perhaps War of the Worlds may have been considered a bit depressing, but the same could be said for any number of other movies and shows currently available to watch as well.

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