ABC ME launches COVID show for kids

On Monday ABC ME will launch a new 10 minute daily show [email protected].

Hosted by Grace Koh it is designed to entertain Kids “in iso.”

“What is happening in the world is completely unprecedented for us all, especially tweens and teenagers. Commercial channels and social media feeds are completely clogged with news updates – which all in all can be totally overwhelming. We’re starting to see a lot of young people take on the anxiety of their families, communities, and government. [email protected] will be a place for our audience to come together and have a well-earned laugh at some serious silliness,” said producers.

Game show Quiz Mates will also screen on Fridays.

The viral whip-around features school-aged kids and some fav celebs across the country showing us how they’re surviving and thriving in iso (isolation).

Isolation may separate us, but we’re all in this together.

Fan favourite Grace Koh hosts the daily whip around the country from her house in isolation. She’ll check in with different ‘Housemates’ reporting from their state / town / loungeroom with hilarious, entertaining segments on how to bust iso-boredom. Think recipes from the back of the pantry, Tik Tok dance lessons, trick shots, and DIY fancy dress from stuff lying around in the garage.

On top of the amazing young people contributing, there are special guest ‘Housemates’ in the form of well-known superstars. Rove McManus is bringing viewers crazy cartoon ideas to life, Samantha Jade has a boredom buster, GFlip and Tones and I check in, and Julia Zemiro has fast-paced French lessons!

Plus every Friday, Grace is going to be hosting the brand new iso game show Quiz Mates! ABC ME viewers will dial in to play against their best friends, all from their own loungerooms! The audience can play along at home as contestants compete in a range of ridiculous categories, for the Quarantine Cup.

Monday 20th April at 3pm on ABC ME, YouTube, iView and the ABC ME app.
Quiz Mates will air every Friday from 17th April at 3pm on ABC ME.

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  1. I think that it has always been a good idea to have news information from or for the children’s perspective. I think Behind The News had done this quite well. It doesn’t seem like an easy task as there can be complexities, adult themed issues and concepts that could take many years, higher education or in-depth research and working life experience to comprehend fully.

    The virus is unprecedented in this day and age. I would suggest informing about historical pandemics to put the situation into perspective.

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