Airdate: The Queen Mother

Two part doco on the most dramatic periods in the Queen Mother’s life screens on SBS.

Two part documentary The Queen Mother begins tonight on SBS.

Wife, monarch and much-loved public figure Queen Elizabeth – the Queen Mother – was one of the most respected members of the British Royal family. This moving profile pays tribute to a royal icon, revealing the inside story of the most dramatic periods in the Queen Mother’s life.

Discover the moments of pain and upheaval that ultimately defined the Queen Mother’s legacy. Find out how she and King George VI took the throne as the Royal Family faced a crisis after the abdication of Edward VIII. Learn how, just a few years later, they steered the country through the darkness of WWII, leading Hitler to famously name her ‘the most dangerous woman in Europe’.

The series also shows how the Queen Mother forged a new role for herself after the death of her husband, relinquishing her position on the throne to become the senior matriarch of the Royal Family.

With testimonies from royal experts and insiders, as well as extensive archive materials including private letters, diary entries, and rarely seen film, The Queen Mother forensically examines the life of a woman with a will of iron, determined to protect the British monarchy.

Monday, 20 April at 7.35pm on SBS

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