All the drama of Wednesday ratings. Seven wins.

Ratings: There were some interesting Drama tests last night. Seven News remains dominant.

There were some interesting local drama tests last night.

Nine screened Doctor Doctor in a rare 7:30 timeslot, after a season that had been paused for news bulletins. It drew 457,000 viewers which put Nine as fourth network in its slot. That compares to 516,000 for its last outing in a 9pm slot on the back of MAFS.

10 also premiered The Secrets She Keeps at 8:45pm, where it drew 399,000 viewers,  effectively third in its slot. But the show has already screened in full on 10 Play where it has drawn plenty of praise and no doubt a significant chunk of its audience.

Meanwhile MasterChef Australia won its early slot and topped the demos at 994,000 viewers. Next were 7:30 (779,000), Hard Quiz (723,000) and Britain’s Got Talent (568,000).

Leading later were the finale of Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell at 671,000 then Paramedics (484,000) and You Can’t Ask That (470,000).  Mrs. Brown’s Boys was 382,000 / 304,000.

Seven won Wednesday with 25.8% then Nine 24.9%, 10 21.1%, ABC 20.0% and SBS 8.2%.

Seven News was #1 with 1.29m / 1.19m for Seven. The Chase was high at 709,000 / 424,000 then Home and Away (647,000).

Nine News was best for Nine at 1.14m / 1.11m then A Current Affair (852,000) and Hot Seat (579,000 / 301,000)

The Project drew 615,000 / 359,000 for 10. 10 News First (466,000 / 293,000)  Bull (186,000) followed.

ABC News won its slot with 929,000.  Planet America (372,000), The Drum (290,000), Would I Lie to You? (241,000) were next.

On SBS it was Britain’s Cathedrals With Tony Robinson (270,000), SBS World News (184,000), Reprisal (143,000) and Mastermind (116,000).

NCIS topped multichannels at 215,000.

Sunrise: 314,000
Today: 238,000 / News Breakfast: 155,000 / 83,000 (tie)

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 22 April 2020

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  1. I’m gonna really miss Mad As Hell and You Can’t Ask That. Both have had terrific seasons. I’ve been watching them on Thursday arvo in a binge with the new episode of Survivor.

  2. The Secrets That She Keeps hasn’t beaten The Bold And The Beautiful on Tenplay, so less than 50k nationally and pretty much irrelevant. I watched 10 minutes, it’s a one idea drama and that one idea was heavily featured in the promos so saw no need to continue further.

    1. I’ve read the book and think the author is talented and from what I’ve heard keeps closely to the script. So I will enjoy seeing this one idea unravel expertly as it did on the page!

  3. I really enjoyed the Secret She Keeps. Thought it was refreshing as a concept and pretty much this sort of thing has happened in real life. I did not know it was on 10play so now l will watch it all there. MasterChef was brilliant yet again.

  4. I somehow went to bed at 5.45pm last night, so I completely forgot about The Secrets She Keeps (I had been meaning to watch it live in HD). If a Blu-ray version is in the pipeline, I’d rather wait for that though (but very unlikely to happen, at least as far as a local release is concerned). I might check the EPG tonight to see if there’s an “encore” airing later in the week, but ouch, 399,000 is dire for local drama (and one that looks decent!).

  5. The Secrets She Keeps is something I had been meaning to watch on 10play but hadn’t yet. MasterChef is the only live TV I watch. I wasn’t going to watch The Secrets She Keeps after MasterChef finished – in fact I actually did switch it off – but I changed my mind 30 seconds later. I enjoyed it! I probably will watch the rest on 10play though.

  6. It is little wonder why the networks are increasingly shying away from local scripted productions. Live viewers clearly favour news, sport and reality. Drama might get catch up viewers down the line, but unscripted gets the eyeballs on the night with presumably far higher ad rates.

    1. Speculating here, but I wonder if dramas are less popular on FTA because they’re so prominent on streaming services. The more people get used to watching shows online the less they’ll put up with ads unnecessarily. I say this because now Netflix is introducing some reality shows (eg. The Circle, Too Hot to Handle) I wonder if that’ll diminish reality ratings for the networks in the long run?

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