Bluey breaks Timeshifting record

Hit ABC KIDS series Bluey has broken Timeshifting records.

A mid-season finale of the Ludo Studios-produced series which drew 192,000 on April 11 has now drawn another 671,000 -the biggest ever lift in 7 day viewing.

That puts it total at an incredible 862,000 in metro viewers in broadcast alone -there will be more in catch-up. The Queensland created series is already the biggest show in iview history.

But the good news doesn’t end there.

Bluey has also broken her own 28-day Timeshifting record.

A March 21 episode added a whopping 1.272 million in Timeshifted numbers, 520,000 more than the Christmas “Verandah Santa” episode.

Bluey‘s new episodes for families in lockdown has been a win / win.


  1. When you say “timeshift” do you mean recorded and watched again later, watched on ABC iView or using the timeshift option on some televisions?

  2. Such a great little series – we watch it on iview all the time with the little one. Daily almost – think i’ve seen every episode a dozen plus times now haha.

    Wish iview would sort the seasons out a little better.

    • Neither did the ABC. The BBC was the key to it being commissioned, they put in money and took the global rights and merchandise. Ludo owns the copyright. The ABC has the Australian rights but they show it for free on TV and iView.

    • Correct. New S2 episodes of Bluey were broadcast on ABC Kids twice a day, 7 days a week, starting March 17.

      Episode 26 – “Sleepytime” (a slightly longer episode) was broadcast on a Saturday.

  3. Definitely a win whilst we are in lock down!! It is viewed over and over and over and over…

    You mentioned a mid-season finale. Am I to assume there are further season 2 episodes in the pipeline? I recall you saying earlier in the year that it was not a full season like S1?

    • As per S1 there are 52 episodes and also as per S1 they will be broadcast in 2 groups of 26 episodes.

      I expect the 2nd half to be broadcast around October … perhaps David has some inside info here !!!!

    • I think it was a smart move not to overload with a whole 52 episodes and have them into blocks just like what 10 is doing with Gogglebox, but I would still watch them anyway! So yes, the remaining 26 episodes from season two is due to air later in the year

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