Bumped: Takeaway Reheated

Plus The Graham Norton Show back to 8:30 Fridays.

10 has moved Takeaway Reheated in its schedule after two weeks.

The special featured Julia Morris, Chris Brown & Beau Ryan filming new introductions to segments from last year’s Sunday Night Takeaway.

Last Saturday it drew just 106,000 in the 5 city metro. -down from 175,000 the first week.

Bondi Rescue is now in repeats from 6-7:30pm.

Meanwhile 10 is also returning The Graham Norton Show to its 8:30pm slot from Friday -it had recently been screening at 8pm.

10 now has double Jamie Oliver at 7:30pm.

Update: screening at 3:50pm Saturdays.

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  1. Tens weekends are boring across Friday and Saturday nights. It’s all business as usual with the same olds shows. They need to bring back movies, to differentiate those nights, otherwise it feels like just another weeknight.

    1. Did you see Changing Rooms? It made Sunday Night Takeaway look like MasterChef…absolutely the worst most drawn out makeover show ever (badly) made…this is all Ten’s knock on stuff up own goal of canning The Living Room and not being able to come up with a replacement …now they are back to 20 steps before Square One !

  2. This has to be one of the most hilariously idiotic decisions ever made at 10 HQ (and one has to love 10’s extremely loose definition of the word “encore”). Which genius thought that this catastrophic flop would rate in repeats?!

    Why don’t they give Changing Rooms another whirl while they’re at it, or better yet, serve us a Yasmin’s Getting Married marathon (all four classic episodes back-to-back!).

    I am frankly baffled that 10 didn’t try to procure the rights to any of the overseas versions of The Masked Singer to fill the schedule (though I could only really see that working if they air it no more than a day or two after its local broadcast).

      1. Yes but new entertainment. Not the whole episode bar new intros, as much as I love Julia and dr Chris this was just silly.
        And yes let’s get american versions of the masked singer, the voice etc in our screens, would be good to fill the schedule anyway.

        1. New entertainment will come, you have to give producers and networks some time, hence why this was a quick response. I disagree we need Masked Singer US on our screens, it’s full of people who don’t resonate here. Nine has already indicated no plans to fill up 7:30 slots with US content.

          1. I understand that we’re treading uncharted territory, but repeating a flop from a year ago is hardly trying something “new”.

            I didn’t specifically mention the US version of The Masked Singer, but after comparing the unmasked celebrities in the UK and US versions, the UK version is full of obscure no-namers, but the current US season had Sarah Palin, Chaka Khan, Dionne Warwick, Tony Hawk, and (I hesitate to mention him, but) Lil Wayne, who are all arguably far more recognisable than our local selections even if the US celebs aren’t exactly at the top of the “celebrity” heap either.

  3. Those numbers. Wow, quite dreadful. Kudos for 10 for giving it another go, but sadly, it wasn’t the case.

    Apart from 10 News, almost nothing works for Ten on a Saturday night.

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