Farewell to US favourites

Finales of Modern Family, Will & Grace, Madam Secretary, Homeland are set to screen.

Four long-running US titles are about to conclude this month.

Madam Secretary had its finale in the US in December but Modern Family, Will & Grace & Homeland all wrap in about the next three weeks.

Madam Secretary (6 seasons)
9:30pm Thursday April 9 on 10 BOLD
In the series finale, Elizabeth kicks off a new political initiative with help from members of the U.S. women’s soccer team, then pulls off a spectacular celebration with a reunion of familiar faces.’

Modern Family (11 seasons)
Double episode
7:30pm Wednesday April 15 on Seven

Will & Grace (11 seasons)
Friday April 24 on Stan

Homeland (8 seasons)
Monday April 27 on SBS VICELAND

13 Responses

  1. Its sad to see them end especially Modern Family. Love watching that show but its also a credit to the long running shows that they are. America doesn’t mess around with its schedule like Australian networks do and its no wonder some of these shows have been running for as long as they have. Here the moment something flops they yank it and its gone forever or shafted to a timeslot so late no one watches. America is such a different model and we could learn a lot from them.

  2. Final 2 episodes of Hawaii Five-0 also going to air in the US right now. Will watch tonight or tomorrow night once it drops on cbs all access. Quite enjoyed this last season so going out on a high imho (as long as they don’t stuff up the finale).

  3. They have all had good runs, planned their endings and have them in the can. Elementary and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD also have final seasons waiting. Supernatural on the other hand has 4 eps unfinished and the final two eps not even shot.

    This season of Madam Secretary, is much better than recent seasons, because it had the freedom of being the final, as I expect will Homeland. Modern Family improved once they got to the Holiday episodes and started winding things up.

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