Friends reunion already filmed?

Has the Friends reunion already been filmed?

Speaking during a pre-recorded interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Matt Le Blanc appeared to suggest that at least part of the special had already been filmed.

As expected he confirmed that the reunion is in a chat format rather than the cast reprising their characters. He described the special as “the six of us together talking about the good old days” and joking “we got the band back together without the instruments”.

Previous reports indicated production for HBO Max had been delayed until at least May.

Source: TV Guide


  1. So disappointed Australia isn’t getting HBOmax. I would have dropped Disney+ and Netflix for it as 3 is a bit much for me. If I’m wrong about this please correct me.

  2. Maybe, she might remember some major storylines, but it was a job she enjoyed and has undertaken other roles since. Remember fans watch shows and can see them more than once and recall lines etc.

  3. Courtney Cox revealed the other week to Jimmy Kimmel that she’s barely remembers anything from the show in regard to storylines/episodes, so she’s just started to watch the entire series, and was only in season one. I think she’ll have little to contribute.

    • Yeah it is surprising. I guess she was also filming years of Scream movies during that time too. But still you’d think she would have a very good memory of the shows storylines.

      • One has to remember that TV and films aren’t shot in order-all scenes for an ep that were set in Central Perk were filmed at the same time, for example-given the number of eps made and how long ago it all was, it’s no surprise that it would be hazy for her now

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