Have You Been Paying Self-Isolating Attention?

Quiz comedy panelists will be coming to you from their very own couches in May.

For readers who have been asking, yes Have You Been Paying Attention? is back on 10’s Mondays in May and yes the series will be filmed as a self-isolating edition with the panel coming to you from their very own couches.

Quite how this will feel without studio laughter, and with the risk of guests talking over one another, remains to be seen….

But Working Dog are nothing if not innovative so we’ll leave it in their trusty hands.

God knows we need a laugh right now…

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  1. I’m pretty sure the good, and slightly wonderfully odd folk at Working Dog will be test driving #HYBPA between themselves almost every day before we plebs get to see it….. sure it might have a few blips but it’s crazy times ain’t ?

  2. The one thing I can think of that would be a potential issue and could ruin the vibe is the picture quality when crossing to the guests lounge rooms. Some of the live crosses that are seen on the news channels have atrocious picture quality.

  3. I think a great example on what it might look like would be the online video edition of Josh Earl’s podcast “Don’t You Know Who I am”. It was recorded by ‘Stupid Old Studios’ in the inner north of Melbourne last Saturday with four guests on webcams and then the host alone in the studio.

    It worked really well except for a few minor sound issues, but if a small studio like that can get it right i’m sure Working Dog will be able to.

  4. It’s always returned not long after Master chef, so I was waiting the for announcement

    It doesn’t go out live, so its always been edited to keep the pacing right – I guess there will be a lot of rehearsals before they record

  5. I’ll be watching but I think it probably would have been better to delay this. Going to be interesting to see this without an audience and everyone alone but at least with everyone at home Sam should be on every week and Urzila can hopefully be on more or even better replace Ed and be on every week.

    1. Unless they made it a noughts and crosses game like that was I doubt it.

      Remember it was here as Personality Squares on TEN in the late 60’s, then on Nine as Celebrity Squares and late 90’s as All-Star Squares. Remember when it was on TEN as the late night Horror Host Deadly Earnest was on it a lot and I think John Blackman was the voice-over guy as well, could almost do it now. However I guess having crew at each persons house would make it difficult with 9 celebs and 2 contestants, sure they could do remote cameras like Goggle Box but some sort of crew would still need to be at each persons home

  6. I was very scared this wouldn’t be making it back as usual because of quarantine! Very happy! I have no doubt Working Dog will have everything worked out (no pun intended) for running it over video chat.

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