KAK v Hinch: Who hosted Midday better?

A long-running TV feud between Derryn Hinch and Kerri-Anne Kennerley became the talking point on Studio 10 this morning, when Hinch was promoting his new book.

Things got awkward when he was tackled on previously referring to Kerri-Anne as the “cockroach of television.”

Hinch insisted, “It was s compliment. I was trying to say Kerri-Anne was a survivor. We both hosted the Midday show….”

But KAK was having none of it…

“Hold on. I listened to you whinge for years about Midday, for god’s sake!” she declared.

“Whinge, whinge, whinge. You did one year, you had a crack for five. When you wrote in your book, black and white, I was a television equivalent of a cockroach, yes I was really flattered!”

After more terse words, Hinch eventually apologised.


  1. KAK should chill out, the cockroach comment was clearly in reference to her longevity in the ind6, and should be taken as a compliment. I though Derryn did a good job as host of Midday, but so did Mike Walsh, Ray Martin, and KAK. David Reyne and Tracey Grimshaw…not so good.

  2. Mike Walsh was too much froth and bubble. Ray Martin had a mix of serious interviews, music and lightheartedness. When I was at uni in the 1980s it was often said not to organise a protest between 12 midday and 1:30 because that was when Ray’s show was on.

      • Agreed. Mike made that show a massive drawcard on Ten in the early days. Created out of nothing. And he was an incredible interviewer; really got guests to open up. youtube.com/watch?v=hwwdYyzgy1o

        • Bert Newton has often named Mike Walsh as perhaps the best Australian host ever. I agree. Ray was very different to Mike but Mike was more of a natural performer and a great interviewer. He often had the audience in stitches. I miss those days.

    • Mike Walsh hands down was the best. He started it all. It was his show and Nine fired him and stole the Midday Show name from him (from what my memory tells me. I was very young).
      I’d love you to reach out to Mike Walsh again David for an interview. He is a Aussie icon and Australia needs to be reminded who he is.

      • I think each of them was good in their own way…for different times and different budgets 🙂 From memory it was Mike Walsh who chose to depart the Midday time slot to venture into a prime time show at night. There was Mike on one night, Daryl on another and Don with his show on 2 other nights. Mike’s show didn’t rate at night and was cancelled- Mike and channel 9 parted ways soon after.

  3. Sounds like a lot of trash talk. I don’t even remember Hinch hosting the Midday show.,certainly do Kerri-Anne Kennerley. Big shoes to fill after Ray Martin left

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