1. A really smart producer would tweak Shark Tank for the Covid-19 recovery era. The last model (as good as it was) would seem somewhat gauche in a time where businesses are struggling to breathe, let alone thrive. However a focus on exciting new ventures and genuine ‘point of difference’ products and services as our consumer confidence slowly recomposes itself would be a Shark Tank 2.0 that would be compulsive viewing.

  2. Shark Tank relies on the sharks having capital and time to mentor the entrepreneurs while running their core businesses as well

    It is unrealistic to expect it to run every year unless you have a rotation of sharks

  3. That must be the tightest 7pm slot across the four regular programs ever. With less than 200k seperating all four programs and once Home and Aways consolidated is added it’ll be even smaller.
    It’s a real pity 10 rested Shark Tank, they’d be taking out another 8:45/9pm slot had they commisioned it.

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