Airdate: 9JKL

Sometime an international show announced at Upfronts turns out to be a dud.

What is announced with some promise gets delayed / shelved / buried…

9JKL, which was named in 10’s Upfronts held in late 2017, finally gets a premiere (**cough**) of 2:30am Tuesday morning on 10 Peach.

The sitcom stars Mark Feuerstein, Linda Lavin, David Walton, Elliott Gould, and Liza Lapira. It is loosely based on Feuerstein’s experiences while shooting Royal Pains; in real life, however, Feuerstein lived with his wife, 9JKL executive producer Dana Klein, while living next to his own family.

Mark Feuerstein stars in a family comedy inspired by his own life, playing actor Josh Roberts, a new divorcee forced to move home to New York in order to regroup. The only problem is, his new apartment is sandwiched between his doting but meddlesome parents on one side and his overachieving brother, his wife and their baby on the other.

It ran for 16 episodes in the US in 2018.


  1. I remember all the hype around this with Linda Lavin’s return to sitcoms. Surely with all the repeats on Peach they could find a better timeslot

    • You’re assuming that they want people to watch it. They want to use up the broadcast rights but force people to stream it, which they also did with the final season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. The Connors on the other hand they pulled from Tenplay to force people to Peach. CBS’s motives are opaque.

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