Children’s exec leaves Seven for Screentime

EXCLUSIVE: Niki Hamilton, Seven’s Executive Producer of Children’s TV, has left the broadcaster and joined Screentime.

She was with Seven for 6 years producing such titles as Drop Dead Weird, Kitty is Not a Cat, Flushed and The Deep.

Seven, which has signalled its desire to cease children’s production, no longer has an executive in charge of Kids’ Tv, but Network Programming Director Angus Ross is responsible for all content commissioning.

Also amongst recent departures are Network Casting Director Georgina Harrop and Development executive Vanessa Oxlad.

A Seven spokesperson confirmed, “As part of the ongoing transformation of Seven Studios, a number of staff have left the business.”


  1. Indeed, Niki enjoyed a very lengthy career and was part of the culture at Seven, a culture that is slowly evaporating week by week.

  2. Not sure if you just meant her time on children’s shows, but I believe she was at Seven for much longer (more like 20-25 years), working in other departments such as special events (Carols) and sport (Olympics/Winter Olympics/Aus Open/Melb Cup/Rugby Union).

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