Community TV steps up campaign to stay on air

Community TV broadcasters Channel 31 Melbourne and Channel 44 Adelaide have planned a week of action next week in their battle to remain on the air past June 30.

From July 1 they will be forced to cease traditional broadcasting and continue as an online-only proposition. This comes despite an increase in audiences during the lockdown of 23%.

Shane Dunlop, manager Channel 31 Melbourne, said, “Behind the scenes we have been working closely with all sides of Federal politics and are pleased to have received bi-partisan support for Community Television.

“These efforts have culminated in a motion that will be put to all voting Senators on June 10th, we know that the motion will be supported with a majority vote. This is a fantastic result, but ultimately doesn’t change anything. Our ongoing licence sits firmly with the presiding Minister and thus far our interactions with Paul Fletcher have proven that he remains steadfast in his position to not renew.”

In their campaign CTV is urging supporters to use the #KeepLocalTV hashtag and to tag Communications Minister Paul Fletcher (@PaulFletcherMP) in social media posts.

A petition is also running at

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  1. there are a few things I would have liked to have watched on channel 31 but haven’t been able to get it since my old crt TV from like 10 years ago, not on pvrs or lcd tvs. Not sure why, not important enough issue for me to investigate much into it either. Shame to see it go though for people who do watch it.

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