Home & Away leads week of drama

There was plenty of Aussie drama on air last week.

Home and Away was the top drama of the week at 609,000 viewers followed by Mystery Road (577,000), Informer 3838 (565,000), Doctor Doctor (510,000), Top of the Lake: China Girl (419,000), The Secrets She Keeps (399,000), The Heights (248,000) and Neighbours (145,000) –Thalu also screened on NITV but numbers are not available at deadline. All can be expected to lift with 7 and 28 Day Timeshifting (as well as catch-up).

Nine won another week, but it was the closest week with Seven this year and 10’s best survey week.

Nine: 26.8
Seven: 26.2
10: 20.4
ABC: 18.1
SBS: 8.5

Primary channel:
Nine: 18.3
Seven: 17.9
10: 14.5
ABC: 13.4
SBS: 5.3

10 BOLD: 3.8
7mate: 3.2
7TWO: 3.1
9GEM: 3.0
9GO!: 2.6
ABC KIDS Comedy: 2.5
10 Peach: 2.1
7flix: 2.0
9Life: 1.9
ABC News: 1.7
9RUSH: 1.0
SBS Food: 0.9
SBS World Movies: 0.8
ABC ME: 0.5
NITV: 0.1

Nine won 25-54 but 10 won 16-39.

Seven led on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Nine won Sunday & Monday. 10 claimed on Wednesday and bettered Nine on Tuesday & Thursday. ABC bettered 10 on Monday Friday & Saturday.

Seven won in Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth. Nine claimed Sydney & Melbourne.

Best brands last week were:

Nine: Lego Masters (Sun: 1.18m), Nine News (Sun: 1.14m), A Current Affair (712,000) and Hot Seat (613,000).

Seven: Seven News (Sun: 1.27m), The Chase (680,000), House Rules (Sun: 640,000) and Better Homes & Gardens (630,000).

10: MasterChef Australia (Tues: 1.08m), Gogglebox (847,000), The Project (7pm: 632,000) and 10 News First (476,000).

ABC: Australian Story (910,000), ABC News (Sat: 872,000), Death in Paradise (822,000) and Four Corners (747,000).

SBS: Great Canadian Railways (352,000), The World’s Most Beautiful Railway (317,000), Britain’s Cathedrals with Tony Robinson and Scotland: Rome’s Final Frontier (both 291,000).

Infograph supplied by Nine.


  1. Looking at that same graph (as mentioned in my previous post), when I switch to Total People, Ch7 goes up significantly. As these graphs exclude over 55’s, can I conclude that Seven is most popular in that demographic?

  2. Fantastic graphs. In particular, I really like the one (like a rainbow) that shows all the channels. I like to see how the “secondary” channels compare to each other, and it seems that my tastes align with the comparative popularity of those channels.

  3. Well there’s drama and drama. I wouldn’t be putting Home and Away, The Heights and Neighbours in the same category as the rest that are listed. Those three are soaps at best.

  4. Would Channel 10 be extremely disappointed with Secret She Keeps ratings? Must be very expensive to make and fewer than 400k watching.

    • The fact that the entirety of the series was made available on 10play prior to broadcast would have undoubtedly influenced numbers. But, yes, very disappointing figures either way and for what appears to be better than 10’s typical drama offerings (most of which look like glorified M-rated Neighbours style fluff).

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