The Blacklist turns to animated season finale

Necessity is the mother of invention…

The latest creative way some producers are addressing production shutdown is The Blacklist, which has turned to animation to complete its season finale.

The episode, titled “The Kazanjian Brothers,” was midway through filming in New York when production stopped in mid-March.

Graphic novel-style animation scenes will be incorporated with those that had already been filmed.

According to the Hollywood Reporter actors recorded dialogue from their homes for the animated scenes, and all animation and editing was done remotely.

It follows from US legal drama All Rise filming an entire episode remotely. US sitcom One Day at a Time is also extending its season using animation for Pop TV.

The Blacklist is currently screening 11:30pm Sundays on Seven with the finale expected in around 2 months time.


  1. Supernatural had a live action but mostly animated cross over ep with Scooby Doo a couple of years ago. I found it quite entertaining and clever.

  2. It probably ends in the usual cliffhanger, so would have been better to just add it on to the front of the next season, as other shows are doing. American’s would be more impatient.

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