Today Show drops local Perth news inserts

Nine is dropping its dedicated Perth-only news bulletins from the Today show after 6 years.

From Monday, Michael Genovese becomes a Perth correspondent for Today.

The live Perth news & weather bulletins were introduced in 2014 with Tim McMillan to counteract a timezone delay and offer a unique local perspective against the might of Sydney-produced Sunrise.

Meanwhile Tracey Vo, who has relocated back to Perth for family reasons during the pandemic, this week hosted their first WA-produced late news bulletin to broadcast nationally. From Monday Michael Thomson assumes the role.

Nine is yet to clarify if Tracey Vo will return to Today in Sydney at a later date.

Yesterday Sunrise led in Perth with 52,000 viewers with Today at 23,000 and News Breakfast at 13,000.


  1. Interestingly the nightly late news on Nine is now being broadcast from Perth rather than Sydney, makes sense with the time difference going back into the eastern states.

  2. Let’s be honest, news that’s actually an important or major story becomes a live interruption anyway. The rest really isn’t anything special.

  3. Never been able to figure why viewers watch ‘news’ on 2-3 hours time delay when live news is available on ABC News. Not to mention without 20 minutes of commercials per hour.

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