Home & Away, 7:30, The Weekly ….a ratings shake-up on Wednesday.

Ratings: That was a very odd night of viewing...

That was a very odd night of television.

With networks having to pull back on stripped reality shows due to the production shutdown it was a night of curious programming and audience choices. While Seven and 10 found first-run titles for early evening, Nine went with nostalgia, ABC & SBS stuck to tried and true.

Here’s how things stacked up….

Home and Away was the top-rating entertainment show of the night at 660,000.

7:30 led its all-important slot at 580,000 followed by America’s Got Talent (525,000), Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery (475,000), Bondi Rescue (486,000 / 433,000), Kath & Kim (333,000 / 307,000) and Tony Robinson’s World by Rail (325,000).

Later The Weekly with Charlie Pickering led with 517,000 then At Home Alone Together (356,000), The Front Bar (335,000) Tommy (274,000) and Movie: Crocodile Dundee (243,000).

In the demo battle, Bondi Rescue topped younger and Nine News topped older audiences.

Seven network won Wednesday with 28.9%, Nine 24.1%, 10 19.2%, ABC 18.0% and SBS 9.9%.

Seven News was #1 with 1.11m / 1.06m. The Chase  drew 644,000 / 398,000.

Nine News (1.02m / 940,000) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (664,000) and Hot Seat (590,000 / 344,000).

The Project drew 530,000 / 315,000 for 10. 10 News First was 398,000 / 259,000.  Bull pulled 229,000.

ABC News won its slot with 787,000 for ABC. Planet America (338,000), The Drum (234,000) and Would I Lie to You? (187,000) followed.

On SBS it was David Attenborough: India’s Wild Eden (227,000), SBS World News (171,00) and Mastermind (109,000). Reprisal was just 64,000.

NCIS led multichannels at 229,000.

Sunrise: 270,000
News Breakfast: 149,000 / 66,000
Today: 208,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 17 June 2020

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  1. Seven screened UK observational Police: Hour of Duty at 9:15pm in QLD and NSW with The Latest at 10:15pm and Front Bar afterwards

    AFL states had The Front Bar until approx 10:45pm, a delayed The Latest and then a late night screening of Police: Hour of Duty.

    Might be worth dragging out those numbers for the complete picture?

    Footy Classified over on 9 wrapped up at midnight, not sure who they think is left watching by then, but they were seemingly happy to run over by 15 or so minutes.

    1. When I saw the start time for the Front Bar, I decided to record it and watch it tonight. I thought it was a ridiculous start time, particularly when you consider the show prior was something you’d expect to see during the non ratings season.

      I’ll happily enjoy Front Bar tonight at a more sensible time and without adds.

        1. I agree and when I was younger i’d stay up and watch the Footy Show until after 11 some nights. I also enjoyed the Panel, but would have preferred if both shows started earlier. I believe the Footy Show did eventually move to 8:30 due to many requests from the public to do so, but I may be incorrect on that point.

          Last night there were no big ratings’ programs on, so why show such a popular program so late? I found that quite annoying and being 7 you know it will probably start later than advertised too, so why hang around to wait and see. I watched streaming instead.

      1. As a Brit always found it odd how early Aussie TV effectively goes to bed considering here in the UK flagship shows usually begin at 9pm and it’s even later on the continent.

        1. I think US is similar to UK. I’ve always presumed it gets back to retail closing by about 6. Also as a smaller population maybe we get home quicker, not sure on that point. But there’s a lot of streaming done after reality shows end at 9.

          1. In Australia it had to do with laws that forced blue collar workers to finish early, pubs to close at 6pm, and they ate dinner at home, cooked by their wife, in front of the 6pm news. Light entertainment shows started at 7pm weekdays, 6:30pm weekends. People in Sydney do not get home quicker, the congestion on roads and trains is appalling.

            In the US in the 1970s Network content was moved to 8-11pm, to try and force the creation of more local content (it produced more cheap syndicated reruns and genre shows). Then late shows and late, late shows provided variety till 1am.

            The UK didn’t used to stay up late watching TV. BBC One used to show the 9 O’Clock News and then switch to a test pattern, because union rules prevented later work. In 2000 they pushed the news to 10pm still switch to a simulcast of the 24 hour News channel, once that started, just after midnight.

    1. Probably. The random episodes of B&B are nonsensical. Takes half of the ep to figure out who is who, with half of the cast being played by different actors. Tues Brooke is stranded on a desert island, tripping out on wild berries and fornicating with someone who was apparently Thomas, her step-son of the week. Wed. rescued? Well apparently, we’re back to 16:9 and yet another Liam/Steffy/Hope threesome. But, the selected episodes have been hilarious.

      1. Yeah and they likely didn’t pay much for AGT so the cost to ratings is probably worth it given they need to pad their schedule out due to lack of other shows with covid-19 causing delays. If 9 put Aust Ninja in on Weds it may have been something that kept BB around however with 10 and 9 doing noting much either, probably thought they’d go cheap. Not sure having BB now would take eyeballs off Masterchef and The Voice on Monday anyway, so even if they got a ratings boost from having it on it may not translate in 5 days time to more viewers.

          1. Cheers had a feeling it may be something like that, so cost wise it would be spread out over both, bit like Nine have Love Island UK and Aust as well I guess, part of having the franchise is showing the other.

  2. Certainly was an interesting night 10Bold with 5.2% and 10Peach with 3% with 10 really missing that 975,000 of Masterchef from last week, did some stay with 10 and go to Bold and Peach instead I wonder.

      1. Yeah not sure they should mess with Bold right now, yes NCIS was up 44,000 on last weeks, however Bluey-AM was down 73,000 and those numbers for those shows for some reason seem to do that a lot. Plus with Bold they’re starting to get a rooted in audience now used to tuning in at 7:30pm for NCIS so deviating from that may not work and still not really impact 10 much if swapped. For me it just seems that Bull is something that Australian viewers just haven’t taken to, I may if I was them take one of 3 *NCIS: Los Angeles off and go NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Bull, Tommy (or vise versa on the last two) to try and capitalise but then at this point what else do they have for 10.

        *Though the first 2 NCIS: Los Angeles are getting 165,000 and 126,000 so even that’s a dicey move as they’re not bad figures either (first better than Neighbours).

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