LOL: Last One Laughing Australia

Be warned.

LOL: Last One Laughing Australia is probably the rudest thing you’ve seen on TV in a long time.

How else to describe the absolute anarchy unleashed by the likes of Sam Simmons and co. in this new Amazon Prime Video series?

Based on a Japanese format, the 6 x 30 minute series is a hybrid of improvisation and Reality TV. 10 comedians are locked in a room going head to head to see who can keep a straight face while trying to make each other laugh. Whoever cracks a smile is out. Last one left wins $100,000.

Competing are Dilruk Jayasinha, Frank Woodley, Nazeem Hussain, Anne Edmonds, Ed Kavalee, Becky Lucas, Joel Creasey, Nick Cody, Sam Simmons and Susie Youssef. Watching it all unfold Big Brother-style is Rebel Wilson, who gives a yellow card warning for the first smile, and a red card elimination for their second.

On the wall is a ticking clock and the action tends to unfold in boxing match-style rounds that allow for a little relief before straight-faced punchlines resume.

The cameras are everywhere in this pimped-up gangster’s den and the 10 comedians are on eggshells the entire time. While things may start gently it isn’t long before each turns to their bag of tricks (and kinky props) to cause chaos.

Frank Woodley tries some visual humour. Dilruk starts skulling soft drink without ever closing his mouth. Sam Simmons drags out some instant underscore music as he interrogates his colleagues. Anne Edmonds resorts to blue punchlines. While it all goes downhill from there you’ll soon be dumfounded at the level of inanity and profanity, laughing when your jaw isn’t on the floor.

Of the two episodes I’ve seen, let’s just say that what Sam Simmons gets up to with a blow-up wading pool, a loofah and Fanta has to be seen to be believed. Then there’s the Home and Away schoolgirl outfit… apologies to ‘Flathead Fisher.’

Indeed, a kind of mass hysteria overtakes this group as they descend into madness, making for bizarre viewing.

Wilson has the cushiest gig of all, laughing from inside her billionaire’s ‘penthouse’ as observer and umpire of proceedings. The $100k will indeed go to one lucky comedian – not bad for 6 hours work- although I’m told all are remunerated for their time.

Produced by Endemol Shine Australia, two new episodes are released each Friday.

Do not attempt at home.

LOL: Last One Laughing Australia is now screening on Amazon Prime Video.


  1. I really wanted to like this – and I did in parts – but it was just so crude and over the top for me. I think some of the players called out for being passive just didn’t know how to sink to that level humour. Plus getting the red card for smiling was a bit mean. I’m sure plenty of others enjoyed it but the humour just wasn’t my style sadly.

  2. 3 seasons of Hitoshi Matsumoto’s Documental, the Japanese show this is based on, is also available with English subtitles on Prime if anyone is curious.

  3. I am still suffering today with the muscle I pulled laughing so hard as Sam’s Jacket dance – I did not think I was going to enjoy this as much as I did – All the family enjoyed also, so 4/4 – Eagerly awaiting next Friday’s drop

  4. Surprised at the high rating (as I was with ‘Space Force’) since have been told by a few people that neither show is all that funny.

    Comedy is definitely the one genre that polarises and each individual simply has to make up their mind. Even the (so-called) best comedy series (Seinfeld, The Good Place, etc…) have their detractors.

  5. When I got to the end of the second episode I was ashamed I hadn’t turned off yet. The extreme crudeness undermines the genuine comedic value of some of the cast. I was disgusted a lot more than I laughed! Definitely not for everyone haha

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