NITV / SBS on Demand: Black Lives Matter collection

NITV and SBS on Demand have curated a special collection of films and TV programs exploring the issues and themes raised through the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Black Lives Matter collection includes powerful stories and insightful perspectives from around the world, as well as here on Australian soil. The programs featured explore moments in history that have shaped the world, stories of trail blazers who fought against system, and examine the challenges of prejudice and injustice that exist today.

From Australia, collection highlights include the landmark SBS documentary series First Contact, which shines a light on the deep divide between Indigenous Australians and the rest of the nation by taking six non-Indigenous people and immersing them into Aboriginal Australia for the first time, Cold Justice, a series that follows the injustice Indigenous Australians face with cold case victims, and a selection of Living Black and Karla Grant Presents episodes that explore important stories from around our continent.

From America, Race and Education, a documentary that investigates why schools in the USA still lack resources to create equal opportunities for all students across the country, Fixing the System: Crime and Punishment, a documentary starring Barack Obama as he makes history by becoming the first sitting president to ever to visit a federal prison in order to investigate the unjust and broken system and Charlottesville: Documenting Hate, an investigation into the day in August 2017 when white supremacists and neo-Nazis converged on Charlottesville, Virginia, which saw a rally turn deadly.

From the U.K., the documentary series Hate Thy Neighbour follows British comedian Jamali Maddix as he looks to confront racism head-on, travelling the world in an attempt to make sense of the resurgence in “alt-right” beliefs among social groups.

NITV’s current affairs program The Point is also available to stream on SBS On Demand, including this week’s Black Lives Matter episode that examined deaths in custody in Australia and the US. The episode will also be repeated on SBS Friday 5 June at 2pm and 10:15pm and NITV Saturday 6 June at 7:35pm.

New titles to SBS On Demand include Who Killed Malcolm Smith?, an Australian documentary that tells the story of Malcolm Smith, one of the 99 cases investigated by the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody in 1991, Black Lives Matter, an investigation into the movement on the streets of Baltimore and Chicago, and from tomorrow you can stream Copwatch, a series exploring police brutality and the acclaimed documentary I Am Not Your Negro.

Please see below for a full list of film and TV titles in the Black Lives Matter collection:

Burn Motherf***er Burn
Let The Fire Burn
Fair Game
The Cleveland Strangler
Charlottesville: Documenting Hate
Britain’s Everyday Extremism
Chicago At War
Clinton’s Walk For Justice
Elsta Foy
Fixing The System: Crime and Punishment
Karla Grant Presents: Not Just Numbers
Karla Grant Presents: Tayamangajirri
Karla Grant Presents: Utopia Generations
Keeping The Language
Mabo: Life of An Island Man
Race and Education
Race For Justice
Raised In The System: Youth Behind Bars
Segregated City
The Truth About Racism
VICE Series 3 Episode 2 – To Serve And Protect & Coming To America
VICE Series 4 Episode 15 – Flint Water Crisis & Libya On The Brink
Vote Yes For Aborigines: Vote Yes For Aborigines
Warburdar Bununu: Water Shield
Living Black Series 24 Episode 1: A Vision for Palm
Living Black Series 26 Episode 1: Palm Island Centenary or Prison to Paradise
Living Black Series 21 Episode 10: 10th Anniversary of Palm Island Death In Custody
Living Black Series 14 Episode 5: Deaths In Custody
Living Black Series 9 Episode 13: Doomadgee Anniversary
Living Black Series 23 Episode 4: Palm Island After the Riot
Living Black Series 26 Episode 6 Ep Title: Palm Island Looking Back
Who Killed Malcolm Smith?
Black Lives Matter

From tomorrow, Saturday 6 June:

I Am Not Your Negro

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