“The best live audition in The Voice history”

A knockout performance by singer Johnny Manuel ...gets upstaged by Coach antics.

Viewers were blown away by singer Johnny Manuel last night on The Voice, with some describing his performance as the best audition in the show’s 9 year history.

US-born Manuel soared with his rendition of “Home” by Diana Ross.

Manuel who relocated to Australia after performing alongside Hugh Sheridan in California Crooners Club, has previously wowed judges on America’s Got Talent in 2017. He also represented Bulgaria at Eurovision in 2018.

But after Kelly Rowland was “Blocked” after a 4-chair turned, some viewers were incensed his moment has been upstaged by the coaches.

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  1. That was an incredible performance but its a bit naive of contestants to think they will achieve commercial success by auditioning for the show. I don’t believe The Voice AU has ever made any contestant commercially successful – its always been about the egos and success of the judges, not the contestants.

    The show should be renamed ‘The Judges’ or ‘The Judges Voice’ to reflect what the show actually is. If you want to try out to be on the show and have some fun on TV then by all means audition, but the purpose of the show is to make an entertaining TV show, but make someone unknown a big star.

  2. Hugh live streamed him on Instagram. When the program went to a commercial break he said “I know I work in TV but I hate when they do this” and he also said it was the first time he’d watched commercial TV since COVID-19 started.

  3. The problem with this show, and all other modern ‘reality’ shows, is that they dress up the whole program with drama and sensationalism based around the judging and/or format and this detracts from the performers being the centre of focus. It’s modern society. People want constant drama and abrasive controversy as this is what the media has been developing as a need in our mindsets for years.

    It’s a sad reflection of our whole society – self promotion, glamour, drama, scandal, controversy and argumentative judgement is all these shows are about. And get ready for the next one starting tonight at 7:30 on 7. Just rubbish.

    1. I reckon this BB will be more palatable that previous efforts, purely based on the age of some contestants, as the house isn’t full of immature, party driven people this time. I don’t think it will be as placid as IACGMOOH, but I am pretty confident it might find a place somewhere in between…

  4. The Voice has always been about the coaches not the contestants. All this ridiculous coach antics are a major turn off. You only have to look at the track record of this show compared to the other shows that are now defunct. The make this comment every year, but that’s because every year nothing changes

    1. I agree it’s a major turn off. I only saw this performance because Hugh live-streamed it and my god it was not fun listening to them carry on about a big load of nothing to fill airtime. This is all coming from a big Delta Goodrem fan too.

  5. Can we just let them sing please!! If they get onto the show, that’s when you can waste our time with the back stories. The blinds could have been done in 1/2 the time if they left out the stuff we really don’t care about…

  6. I thought I would give this show a go this year…didn’t even make it through the first week…..I am appalled that the producers allow it to be all about the coaches( who are all show-offs ) and not about the contestants.. I thought it was called The Voice, not The Coach….

  7. He was great but the best ever? Not sure of that. There have been so many outstanding auditions over 9 years. But the segment derailed by Kelly making it all about her, could have been edited differently if producers had wanted to have a bit more Johnny and less Kelly but drama and the coaches are so entwined and so there it was. It has only reiterated my feeling about that coach.

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