UK begins resuming production

Some shows are headed back to studio, while others are still several months away.

UK productions are resuming production following shutdown during the global pandemic, in accordance with the recently issued TV production guidelines.

Coronation Street’s cast and crew began a health and safety induction to familiarise themselves with the new protocols and are due to recommence filming next Tuesday, 9 June in Manchester studios. The pattern of recording will initially produce three episodes per week.

Cast and crew will have their temperatures checked, intensive cleaning and sanitisation will occur on a daily basis, make up and costume will work remotely with cast, and office staff will continue to work from home.

Those who are over the age of 70 or have an underlying health condition won’t be on set in the initial period of filming.

The Graham Norton Show is also planning to return to some sort of normality but not until the UK autumn.

Syco and Fremantle still hope to stage the Britain’s Got Talent finals also in the autumn, while ITV will also be hopeful it can return to The Voice, which was halted mid-season.

Strictly Come Dancing is another show targeting autumn. Deadline reports producers have considered quarantining cast and crew on the show so they can work in a bubble, while other ideas that have been floated include theatrical masks for performers and sitting audience members around tables to help with social distancing.

One of the biggest question marks will be whether audiences will be allowed back into studios, while a lack of insurance is another issue for many producers.

A 44-page document titled ‘Working Safely During COVID-19 in Film and High-End TV Drama Production’ comes after weeks of industry consultations.

Source: Deadline, Variety

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  1. Doesn’t matter if the UK is in a better or worse position than Australia. The only things that matters is how to start production again safely. Whether strictly come dancing or BGT have audience is another thing. Emmerdale has already gone back.shooting episodes and the first 6 are COV19 episodes. There was a interview with Kirk off Coronation Street on UK TV who confirmed shooting starts on 9th June for them but cast members with health issues and the actors over 70s will not be used regularly for the moment. He said more of a issue was with the continuity as many of the cast have cut or coloured their hair

  2. No chance of studio audiences in the UK. I mean they aren’t even allowed here (and won’t be for some time) yet we are in a much better position! Strictly Come Dancing will have to do without an audience like our Dancing With The Stars did. They should be thankful if it can go ahead at all.

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