David Gyngell recovering after heart attack

Former Nine CEO David Gyngell is recovering at home after suffering a heart attack last week.

The Courier Mail reports the 54-year-old was training on the beach at Byron Bay with Pat Rafter when he experienced chest pain and a shortness in breath. Gyngell has a family history of high cholesterol.

“If I hadn’t been fit I could have died,” he said.

“I was training like I do most days. Then I felt tired and a bit weird but still went to breakfast with the boys.”

Wife and presenter Leila McKinnon suggested he see a doctor. He was rushed into surgery at the John Flynn hospital on the Gold Coast.

After being released from hospital on Saturday he says he is feeling much better.

Gyngell is now semi-retired on the far north coast of NSW.


  1. daveinprogress

    Hope he is ok. I remember back in 1980 I think it was the politician Paul Landa dying on the tennis court. He was 40. That was such a shocker. David Gyngell is too young too.

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