Friday Flashback: Maurie Fields

Telemovie The Bit Part was released in 1987, written by Steve Vizard, Ian MacFadyen and Peter Herbert, starring Chris Haywood as a young man besotted by an aspiring actress (played by a very young Nicole Kidman).

In this scene Haywood has a day on set as an Extra in a war movie where he encounters a seasoned expert, played by Maurie Fields.

He knew all the tricks on how to be a consummate professional for demanding directors.


  1. Now that is some 80s fashion. Interesting to see modern movies set in the 70s or 80s don’t actually get it accurate but a modern interpretation of it.

  2. Funny cos most is true. On set many extras discuss past experiences…. as it’s a common thread. Though in my experience the food is much better than depicted!!!

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