Here comes Reality finale week

Three Reality TV battles will all wrap next week.

The Voice, MasterChef and Big Brother will all conclude next week.

MasterChef Australia wraps on Monday July 20 with a 90 minute finale.

Details for The Voice and Big Brother are under embargo until after 9am today.

Sunday July 19
7pm Nine The Voice grand final
7pm Seven Murder in the Outback
7:30pm 110 MasterChef Australia semi-final

Monday July 20
7:30pm Nine Fergie & Andrew: The Duke & Duchess of Disaster special
7:30pm Seven Big Brother
7:30pm 10 MasterChef Australia grand final

Tuesday July 21
7:30pm Nine Paramedics
7:30pm Seven Big Brother
7:30pm 10 Bachelor in Paradise

Wednesday July 22
7:30pm Nine RBT
7:30pm Seven Big Brother live grand final
7:30pm 10 Bachelor in Paradise

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  1. The only show & Finale worth watching is Big Brother!!
    The Voice & Masterchef not worth watching at all.
    Big Brother is the Only good show on, Live Grand Final will be exciting..!!

  2. MC has been great this year, can’t wait to find out who wins
    Am loving the voice and bbau too.
    For those that watch all three such as me I’ve been recording the voice, watching bbau live and recording the encore of mc.
    When will we start seeing ads for the block?
    I guess the others to come are farmer wants a wife and ninja which I’m not interested in.

  3. With Masterchef finishing up next Monday, you would hope that 7 pounces on the opportunity to have a live Sunday night big brother finale on 26 July, that way they could finish up on the Wednesday with the final 3 revealed and the. that would give people 4 days to vote rather than rushing it out on the Wednesday night and they would have a clear ran on the Sunday night because Masterchef and the voice would have both wrapped up.

  4. I’ve noticed BBAU is changing the nights it’s on air – could POO be incoming?
    Out of all reality shows finale-ing, I’ll probably stick with MasterChef. The only show I feel invested in at the moment that isn’t on Netflix!

  5. Hi David, Nine put up a press release on Friday afternoon confirming The Voice grand final would be on July 19. You must have missed it.

  6. joshuasummers

    I know this could change, but the channel 7 listings show “7news Presents – Murder In The Outback: The Falconio & Lees Mystery” as the 7pm Sunday show. The Voice ads have called this week “Grand Finale Week” over 4 nights, Sunday-Tue & Sunday again. So I believe that’s locked in too.

  7. Sometimes I wonder why networks schedule everything on the same times, I think it’s a mistake, particularly for Channel 7 whose Big Brother is probably going to be caught in the crossfire between The Voice and Masterchef.

    • So there’s 6 left in BB house ,looks like they are dragging it out ,I thought for sure a Monday finale , interesting to see end result.

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