Why do Living Room presenters not social-distance?

A new-look Living Room debuted on 10 last night.

The new show does away with the studio audience and separate segments for a new ‘home-base’ with the cast giving a hero family a makeover.

Social media was divided over the new format. While some were not in favour of change, others welcomed the makeovers and bright colours. Everybody seemed to welcome Amanda Keller, Chris Brown, Miguel Maestre and Barry du Bois back on screen after the show was previously axed by 10.

But there is little explanation around why the presenters are ignoring social distancing, including yesterday in a Live interview on Studio 10. This was even more stark given Studio 10 presenters were observing current guidance -as does The Project, Neighbours, Have You Been Paying Attention?, MasterChef Australia.

Amanda Keller this week told TV Tonight, “That’s because we’ve been in a bubble with each other. We film with each other in the same way your family has a bubble, and certain friendships can have a bubble.”

10 did not respond to enquiries.

NSW govt regulations:

Keep a distance of 1.5 metres between yourself and other people.
Do not shake hands, hug or kiss as a greeting.


  1. I find it bizarre that people still don’t grasp exponential growth. The excess of 10 million cases worldwide (that are known of and diagnosed, the true number being far greater) and the excess of 500,000 dead c/- Covid-19, all began with one person. Just one. The virus is still out there, and it can reignite quite easily as Victoria has shown. To be cavalier about social distancing requirements now, when the average person is apparently already grown complacent, is really poor form and I am surprised the show has been broadcast like this.

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