Auditions: Reno / decluttering TV show

A new TV show is looking for NSW-based people where experts help people turn their lives around.

A new TV show is looking for NSW-based people where experts help people turn their lives around.

“Is your home and life a mess? Has something happened to make you feel like you are drowning in clutter or indecision? Do you dream of renovating your home, or making over a space, but can’t make it a reality because something is holding you back?” a casting notice asks.

“Compulsive collecting, expanding family, kids moved out, parents leave behind their ‘precious’ objects or divorce are just some reasons that life may have tilted towards out of control.

“Have the last few months made you rethink the importance of family, the use of space in your home, and why your home is so cluttered …. and now you need help to reset your priorities, regain control and rid yourself of the things holding you back, while getting a space and life makeover?”

The undisclosed series is to be produced by WTFN (The Living Room, Bondi Vet, Emergency).

You can either apply yourself or nominate a friend, relative or partner.

You must be available to take a week off work in October / November / December 2020. You must be New South Wales based for purposes of the Production.

Deadline: midnight, 1st October.

8 Responses

  1. The premise of this show seems flimsy. They’re going to spend a whole series telling people how to throw away rubbish? I just look and see clothes I no longer wear and things I don’t use anymore. I don’t need a glossy TV show to tell me how to do that.

  2. This sounds more like the decluttering segments of the old Living Room (same producers) stretched into a full 20 or 40 mins (or a half or one hour with commercials), rather than a house renovation show.

    1. If only Ten aired the unaired episodes of Changing Rooms…..

      As of this new show – it does look like an extended version of the cluttering segment from The Living Room. Which I enjoy watching.

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