Australian Survivor original cast reunion

For anybody who can remember the original Australian Survivor in 2002, a cast reunion has taken place through fan site Australian Survivor Archives.

Filmed at Whaler’s Way. Port Lincoln, in South Australia this was hosted by Lincoln Howes on Nine.

The reunion includes 8 of the contestants and Howes.

That’s right, for the first time in nearly 20 years a a number of the contestants and the host himself Lincoln Howes come together to go over all the memories, all the talking points and everything else in between from that very first season back in 2002! We are joined by Lucinda, Deb, Naomi, Craig, Lance, Jeff, David & Sciona to talk about their memories from Whalers Way, their thoughts on each other after nearly 20 years and what their combined take is on the modern version of the show they helped pioneer. It’s an episode that any fan of Australian Survivor won’t want to miss!

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