Back to the Rafters nearing restart

Rebecca Gibney & Hugh Sheridan in quarantine in Sydney as Rafters reboot nears further filming.

Back to the Rafters stars are back in Sydney with sources confirming the show is gearing up to return to production for Amazon Prime Video.

Production on the reboot of Packed to the Rafters was halted along with dozens of affected productions during COVID impact some months ago.

Star Hugh Sheridan last week returned to Australia from overseas and has been busily posting (shirtless) on social media during his 2 week quarantine.

August 20: “Hotel quarantine day 2 🤸🏽🕳 … only there’s no one allowed in here to take photos, I am literally reading and learning lines alone, scripts I don’t even know how I’m going to shoot by myself tomorrow 😂 the rest is much the same, aside from clothing.”

Rebecca Gibney is also in quarantine in Sydney, back from NZ, and keeping her spirits up with her penchant for Instagram dance videos.

“Ok Day 3 quarantine and to stave off the blues it’s time to get moving. With thanks to my coach and dance partner.” 

Sources told TV Tonight further details on upcoming production will be released shortly.

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