What I’ve Been Watching: Angus McLaren

Back to the Rafters star is a big fan of Jason Momoa drama See. Here's what else is on his list.

Back to the Rafters star Angus McLaren is a big fan of Jason Momoa drama See.

Here’s what else is on his recent watch-list.

1. What shows are on your must-see TV list lately?

AM: I’m a little late to the party but I just started watching See with Jason Momoa. There’s a second series about to drop so I wanted to catch up in time for that. There’s incredible storyline where humanity has lost the ability of sight (it’s all in the title). Production value, writing and acting are all top notch in my opinion and the show taps into some interesting archetypes, moral challenges and questions.

2. How has lockdown affected your viewing?

AM: I have actually been watching a lot less series during lockdown strangely. I’ve found it to be a good time to build up new skills and have a crack at projects that I previously haven’t had time for. I find myself watching a few documentaries when I do have a break to watch something. I recently watched one called A Gray State by Erik Nelson and Werner Herzog that kept me utterly captivated.

3. Which guilty pleasure show are you reluctant to admit watching?

AM: I will admit that I have recently tapped into a few episodes of The Voice and was pretty damn impressed! My Family are all heavily involved with music so I’ve always kept a keen interest. Damn it takes some serious courage to get up and do what those singers and doing live so I’ve found that to be massively inspiring and motivating. I enjoy hearing the judges’ feedback and input too. They are very genuine folks.

4. When you settle down for a night on the couch what are your ‘must-haves?’ 

AM: I am a bit of an early bird to bed these days but if I am still up to watch something then definitely a glass of water or a hot drink. I can’t be parched on the couch. No one can.

Also, and I’m probably not alone on this one, but I’ve developed a dodgy habit of having my phone out. Incredibly distracting and not really conducive to getting the most out of what I’m watching so I’m gonna to change that.

If the show is engaging enough though I do find the phone not to be a problem so maybe it’s a good quality test for the show.

5. What show you would secretly love to appear on?

I would love to appear on See and also if they ever did another series of The OA. That show rocked and was pretty mind bending. What seemed like science fiction is rapidly becoming reality around us.

6. What was it like reuniting with your TV family and what can we expect to see for Nathan Rafter this season?

Reuniting with the Rafters crew was one of the best things that could have happened really. It was one of those situations where although lots of time had passed, we all happily clicked back in right away.

In terms of Nathan, he’s at a very interesting time of his life where he now provides for and is also responsible for someone other than himself. His son Edward is growing up fast and Nathan has some challenges, both internal and external to overcome in order to be the best Father he can be.

Back to the Rafters is now screening on Amazon Prime Video.

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