Brian Cox has recovered from being COVID positive

Succession star Brian Cox has revealed he has recovered from being positive with COVID-19 ..without ever realising he had it.

“I’m a diabetic, and I went from my usual bloods that I usually have between months,” Cox told James Corden on The Late Late Show.

“I went there, and they took my bloods, and they took the COVID test. Then my doctor called me and said, ‘Oh, congratulations. You’ve had it.’

“I said ‘What?’

“He said, ‘You’ve had it and you’ve got the antibodies.’

“I said, ‘When? When did I have it?'”

While that couldn’t be determined, Cox explained, “I remember I directed a play with my wife in London in December.

“And I remember coming here, and for about four days, I had these sneezing attacks. Just sneezing.”

He also experienced some tiredness, which he attributed to simple jet lag.

“The doctor told me that three of our patients had also these sneezing attacks, and that is an unknown symptom of COVID.”

Filming for Succession S3 is yet to begin, but the show is nominated for a slew of Emmys.

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