Gruen, Reputation Rehab still coming in 2020

Two key CJZ shows are still on the calendar schedule for ABC this year.

Gruen will be back in coming months, tipped to follow from the current Mad as Hell season.

The show will be again produced from Sydney (it’s not clear if a studio audience is included) -nor how Russel Howcroft will participate given he is now a daily fixture on 3AW Breakfast. But as Q&A has demonstrated lots of new options are possible in 2020. Todd Sampson’s Body Hack is also on the way for 10.

Also coming is factual series Reputation Rehab which sees Kirsten Drysdale (pictured below) and Zoe Norton Lodge find “reputations in distress and provide a unique opportunity for transformation.”

The show revolves around cancel culture, angry tweets, opinion pieces and scandals, to see if they can change people’s hearts and minds. We really needed this show during the “cancellation” of Gone with the Wind & Fawlty Towers.


  1. After Wil Anderson quit his regular radio gig on MMM in favour of doing more stand up comedy, I would assume he would be keen as anything to get a regular paying job. I can’t wait for Gruen, one of my favorite shows

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