Red ratings dominance for Seven

The trend lines say it all in a most extraordinary week of TV ratings.

Ratings for the phenomenal FIFA Women’s World Cup quarter final are yet to be adjusted and technically stand at 2.51m metro viewers.

Regardless Seven’s Saturday night share of 65.4%, and Monday’s 54.5% are sensational.

Elsewhere this week The Block lsaunched higher than The Voice while Hunted wrapped for 10.

Newcomer Great Australian Walks with Julia Zemiro topped the week for SBS.

But specials from the Garma Festival failed to draw in viewers with Q+A at an all-time low of just 84,000 -in fairness against the Matildas v Denmark game and The Point: Referendum Road Show at only 28,000 in a 7:30pm slot on SBS. That suggests network may need to be more creative in packaging any similar shows in the coming weeks.

Seven: 43.0
Nine: 23.6
ABC: 13.3
10: 13.1
SBS: 6.9

Primary channels:
Seven: 32.6
Nine: 17.3
ABC: 9.6
10: 7.8
SBS: 3.2

7mate: 4.5
7TWO: 3.5
10 Peach: 2.4
10 BOLD: 2.2
ABC TV Plus: 2.0
9GEM / 9GO!: 1.8
9Life / ABC News: 1.5
9RUSH / 7flix: 1.2
7Bravo / SBS Food / SBS World Movies: 1.1
Nickelodeon: 0.7
ABC ME: 0.3
NITV: 0.2
SBS World Watch: 0.0

Seven won every night except for Wednesday, claimed by Nine. ABC bettered 10 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday.

Seven won every city. Duh.

These figures are yet to be adjusted:

Seven: Seven News (Sat: 3.05m), FIFA Women’s World Cup (Aus v Fra: 2.51m), Seven’s AFL (Sat: 778,000) and The Voice (Launch: 716,000).

Nine: Nine News (Sun: 853,000), The Block (Launch: 721,000), A Current Affair (611,000) and 60 Minutes (440,000).

ABC: ABC News (529,000), Gruen (512,000), Hard Quiz (479,000) and 7:30 (443,000).

10: Thank God You’re Here (535,000), Hunted (The Extraction: 421,000), Have You Been Paying Attntion? (408,000) and Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly Australia (348,000).

SBS: Great Australian Walks with Julia Zemiro (191,000), Michael Mosley: Secrets of the Superagers (140,000), Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy (137,000) and SBS World News (126,000).

Infogram supplied by Nine:


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  1. you can see how they can capitalise on the temporary major events (e.g. WOrld Cup, Olympics). The Matildas are doing exceptionally well this tournament. If the Matildas make it to the FInal, record-breaking ratings will be imminent. Once the World Cup is over, then normal services resume. The Voice is performing very well, beating The Block. HOwever, the AFL Finals will come next month and this will drive Seven’s ratings shares further up. Once the AFL season is over, Seven will have other tentpole shows to tackle including MKR, BB and SAS. But at the end of the day, it comes down to ratings shares and weeks won.

    1. By my count, in anticipation of seven winning every week from here through end of SEP with the AFL (they may not win the week where there is an AFL break), that will bring seven to 17 or 18 weeks (depending on the off AFL week). As has been noted before, the Voice tends to attract higher numbers during the chair turns (beginning of the series) whereas the block historically gets better numbers as the series progresses. Sevens other reality shows to come are ok in terms of ratings but without the AFL, it is realistically plausible (but still a big ask) Nine wins the remainder of the year as far as weekly wins go. Nine have the cricket from India in October also. The Ashes for nine disrupted sevens typical routine of losing Q1 but blasting quarters 2 and 3 to take out the year. FIFA has obviously been a boon for seven but they usually wine these weeks anyway with the AFL; FIFA did help blunt the Ashes toward the end. As David has pointed out previously, weekly wins are not everything.

      1. Once the afl/NRL is over the CWC gets underway in India. I will be in China during most of the WC but I noticed that they have revised the schedule (maybe due to safety concerns in India). I wonder whether they have changed the starting dates for the CWC?

  2. One of the truer measures of Seven’s success will be how well they can capitalise on these temporary major events fuelled ratings spikes. So far it looks like the rest of the shows on their schedule have seen little to no major uplifts thanks to the soccer. The Voice hasn’t been decimated by Block or hurt by Seven launching another singing show this year so I suppose that’s something.

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