Ninja Warrior finale too strong on Monday

Ratings: First Ninjas to conquer Midoriyama edge out flashy new season from 10, putting Farmers in the crossfire.

Flashy reality shows went head to head last night with good numbers all round, if causing a dip on 2019 results.

Australian Ninja Warrior  1.06m rising to 1.2m for the moment Ben Polson was crowned the first ever to conquer Mt. Midoriyama. That topped the demos but was down on last year’s 1.22m / 1.34m.

The Masked Singer snatched second place at 733,000 -but rose to 823,000 when Mark Philippoussis was revealed as the Echidna, down on 2019’s debut of 1.16m. Farmer Wants a Wife was next at 693,000 then 7:30 (646,000) and Australian Story (623,000).

Later Have You Been Paying Attention? drew 623,000 then Four Corners (549,000), Media Watch (517,000) and 9-1-1: Lone Star (303,000).

Nine network won Monday with 31.4% then Seven 25.9%, 10 19.3%, ABC 16.4% and SBS 7.0%.

Nine News drew 1.09m / 1.05m for Nine. A Current Affair won its slot on 819,000 then Hot Seat (616,000 / 357,000) and Surviving Jeffrey Epstein (298,000).

Seven News was #1 at 1.22m / 1.12m for Seven. Home and Away (660,000), The Chase (645,000 / 396,000) and The Latest (190,000) followed.

The Project drew 507,000 / 331,000 for 10. 10 News First was 439,000 / 277,000 with Just For Laughs Uncut on 269,000.

ABC News managed 770,000 for ABC with Q&A (293,000) and The Drum (193,000) following.

On SBS it was The Blitz: Britain On Fire (225,000), SBS World News (184,000) and 24 Hours In Emergency (140,000) and Mastermind (105,000).

NCIS led multichannels at 181,000.

Sunrise: 280,000
Today: 216,000 / News Breakfast: 150,000 / 66,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 10 August 2020

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  1. TMS was so much fun, expect ratings to grow now Ninja finale is done. I watched Ninja and recorded TMS, but will now watch on the night. With The Bach staring Wednesday, Ten may have solid week!

    1. Same here taped TMS last night so could watch Ninja live then watched TMS afterward, you can’t wait till the next day in case of spoilers, good silly fun which is good right now.

  2. Under yesterday’s ratings report, one contributor stated they would have been be surprised if TMS cracked 700k, it did, just, and another predicting 1.28 million, way, way off. Probably wasn’t a good idea to launch TMS against a popular show like Ninja.

  3. TMS was great mindless fun as always a bit unfair to judge going up against the finale of Ninja Warrior, loyal ch9 watchers won’t miss that. But I think tonight will be the big test as there is not much competition on the other channels.

  4. Slightly concerning numbers for the Masked Singer. Sure, it was up against the final of Ninja, but last year it was against the Block & the Brownlow medal. Tonight is a big night for TMS to see where its ratings are headed. I fear the novelty may have worn off.

    1. I fear you may be right , i tried a while but it dragged and some of the high pitched voices grate after a while , as you said tonight will be of interest , i’m throwing 827K as a result.

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