Q&A: Aug 17

In addition to discussing border closures, this week Q&A discusses tech giants, plus a scathing new report on the lack of diversity on Australian TV screens.

This pandemic has fast turned this nation into two countries- the states opening up and those locking down. With border closures in place, how do we stay united?

Also, in the time of COVID it is vital we trust our sources of news and information.

Conspiracy theories, fake news and the influence of big tech are all under the microscope. The government is looking to introduce a new code to force tech giants to pay traditional media for news content. Will it help level the playing field and hold digital giants to account?

And we look at a scathing new report on the lack of diversity on Australian TV screens.

Joining Hamish on the panel live:

Barnaby Joyce, Nationals Member for New England
Michelle Rowland, Shadow Communications Minister
Antoinette Lattouf, Journalist and diversity advocate
Niki Savva, Columnist and author
Ziggy Ramo, Musician
Sinead Boucher, Chief executive and owner of Stuff Ltd

9:35pm Monday on ABC.


  1. You’d have thought that Qanda would have tried to have diverse voices on a show about Diversity, but instead the largely white panel joins the white host (And Barnaby Joyce on a panel on diversity has to be trolling surely).

    • There is Antoinette Lattouf, Director of Media Diversity Australia, Indigenous artist Ziggy Ramo (so there’s 2) plus Michelle Rowland, Shadow Communications Minister (edit: Fijian mother) will no doubt have a view. But it is one of the range of topics tonight.

      • And let’s not talk about the lack of diversity of thought….. surely the ABC can do better than a majorly white show about diversity though

  2. Not sure what the “solution” is for the commercial networks as it’s really up to them to work out what content they think will rate and sell advertising dollars and telling them they need to meet some diversity quota that may not add to the bottom line doesn’t seem reasonable. The only show i regularly watch on commercial TV is the chase and they would be limited by who applies. Shows should be cast based on merit and having more diverse people on Australian TV won’t make me watch it any more while they don’t address the real issues facing the industry.

    • I really do appreciate them tackling the diversity issue, and I know their intentions are good but…only one person of colour on the panel? To discuss the lack of diversity on Australian screens?

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