Q&A: Aug 3

On Monday night on Q&A, Hamish Macdonald is joined by a panel of frontline workers and medical experts.

They’re in our emergency departments, aged care homes and guiding our community response… seeing first-hand how quickly this virus can slip beyond our control.

Victoria has hit a new record with 723 cases, with Melbourne, health care workers increasingly getting infected themselves.

In NSW, hospital staff are bracing for a second wave, and dealing with recovered patients with significant post-viral syndromes and Queensland is trying to contain its first community transmission cluster in months.

It’s clear we will be living with COVID for quite some time, and these are the people we will be relying on.

What are the lessons learned so far? Are we becoming too complacent? How are the hospitals and the frontline staff holding up? What is different about this 2nd wave?

So what’s your question for our specialist panel?

Joining Hamish on the panel live:

Kerryn Phelps, Former AMA President and City of Sydney councillor – Sydney

Lucy Morgan, Respiratory physician, Nepean Hospital – Sydney
Vyom Sharma, General Practitioner – Melbourne
Abbey Fistrovic, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Emergency Dept, Royal Melbourne Hospital – Melbourne

With a live cross to:

Andrew Laming, Queensland Liberal MP, ex Queensland
Ged Kearney, Victorian Labor MP – Melbourne

Musician and doctor Gordi will close the show with a live performance.

9:35pm Monday on ABC.


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